Every Player Injured During The 2021-22 NFL Season (So Far)

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Only impact NFL players who could potentially miss time.

A new football season unfortunately often means a new spate of injuries, and the worst NFL injuries of 2021 are further evidence of the dangerous game all football players suit up for. Whether they are missing just a few weeks or the injury turns out to be season-ending, no player, team, or fan wants to see a competitor get hurt.

The 2021 season saw a number of players go down with serious injuries in the first week of the season. Ryan Fitzpatrick got hurt in Washington's first game. TE Rob Gronkowski, RB David Montgomery, and RB Raheem Mostert are all star players who've gone down within the season's first quarter. Other players suffered injuries less serious but just as important to keep an eye on, particularly head injuries like concussions to QB Teddy Bridgewater and RB Trey Sermon. 

Every week sees new marquee players added to the NFL injury report, and this list will feature updates throughout the season with news of players going down and coming back. So check back throughout the year to see who's out and why as the season goes on. And check back to see when some of the injured players will return.