15 Of 2021's Most Interesting Pixar Fan Theories

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With 2021 coming to an end and Luca still on our brain (sea monsters, Italian food, and young love - who could ask for more?), we've collected a few fan theories from Pixar that we find extremely intriguing. Vote up your favorites!

  • From Redditor u/h11233:

    The ancient king had four sons, one being the prince who the witch turned into the bear Mor'du. In Merida's time, there are four clans. I believe each clan was descended from one of the four brothers and Merida's dad, King Fergus, was the descendant of Mor'du. This is why the family seems to have an inescapable connection to Mor'du.

    I just think it's too much of a coincidence that: There were 4 princes in the ancient kingdom, now there are 4 clans. Mor'du seems omnipresent in Merida's ( and her family's) life and mystical forces seem to be driving this. Not just their direct interactions with Mor'du, but also Merida going to the same witch and receiving the same spell, for which she paid using a bear pendant, Merida stumbling upon the ancient ruins, etc. Also, though this one is pretty generous, King Fergus is built quite similarly to the Prince.

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  • From Redditor u/sharltocopes:

    So Hank the Septapus is terrified of being released back into the open ocean, claiming that he had a terrible experience out there. We also know that he lost a tentacle, leading to him being a septapus instead of an octopus. Later in the film, Hank is eating animal crackers and tosses one cracker away uneaten: a shark.

    My theory is that the reason Hank is being rehabilitated in the institute and fears going back into the ocean is that he was attacked by a shark and lost a tentacle in the encounter.

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  • From Redditor u/SolidBones:

    Ok, so I watch this with my toddler a lot and noticed that Sally's story is a bit dark.

    When Lightning drives off with Sally to the wheel well, he asks her how a (likely rich) city Porsche ended up in Nowheresville. She responds that she did indeed have a lavish life "but [she] wasn't...happy" with a far off look. This is a common sign of depression - not being able to find happiness even in situations where most others do.

    Then she says she drove away from home into the desert until she "broke down." Not ran out of gas, broke down. We know that cars die in this universe, and I would suspect breaking down and crashing are the only ways that happens.

    Then she talks about how Mater found her and towed her back. She didn't call for a tow or anything - she was found, broken down, alone in the desert, driving away from her life without a destination. She probably had a family that she left behind without a word.

    I can only assume Doc fixed her up. She's in love with the town because they saved her. She's "one of them" because a bunch of older cars found a young car in distress and adopted her.

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  • Edna Mode Designed Syndrome's Outfit, With A Cape, On Purpose
    Photo: The Incredibles / Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

    From Redditor u/lunch77:

    I would imagine Buddy/Syndrome was smart enough to design his own suit but I also see him consulting Edna so he could get one as authentic as possible. When we look at all the suits she designed over the years, Syndrome’s costume looks VERY similar.

    Sure, Syndrome could have tried his hardest to emulate the style but if you’re going to buy a gigantic island & make multiple versions of Omnidroids and all this expensive sh*t for your evil scheme, you can go to the best super fashion designer in the business.

    But my suspicion is that Edna, super perceptive and seemingly all knowing, knew Buddy was up to something. 

    Edna gave him a cape knowing exactly what would happen.

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  • From Redditor u/RileyRichard:

    The old woman at the beginning of the film is Anton Ego's mother. In the beginning of the film, Remy steals Gusteau's recipe book from the house of an older lady. The house is pretty isolated, in the middle of rural France. The woman owning the house is a very elderly looking lady, possibly around 80-90 years old. Remember, Remy stole a recipe book from this lady's house.

    Now here is where it gets weird. When Remy serves his meal to Anton Ego (the notoriously harsh food critic), he serves ratatouille from Gusteau's recipe book. When Anton has a bite, he flashes back to his childhood where his mother (who appeared to be in her 30's at the time) cooked him a meal of ratatouille. The kitchen interior looks quite similar to the house Remy was at at the beginning of the film. The house is also seen as being in the middle of the countryside - exactly like the house from the beginning.

    Because of this, it is highly possible that Mrs. Ego would of has Gusteau's book on hand at the time and used it for a ratatouille recipe for Anton, which he would be served again years later.

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  • Dash's Principal Knows That He's A Super
    Photo: The Incredibles / Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

    From Redditor u/lukemoyerphotography:

    In the beginning of The Incredibles, Dash is in trouble because his teacher claims he put a tack on his chair, and he has video proof. Everyone acts like they don't believe the teacher even though there is clear movement in the video. Since the secret identities of supers are protected by the government, it would make sense if the principals knew who in their school was super. Since he cant blow their cover, the principal acts like he doesn't see Dash move in the video.

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