Which Movie Will Win Best Picture At The 2022 Oscars?

Editor's Note: Voting and Reranking have been closed.

UPDATE: The 2022 Best Picture winner was Coda

With movies returning to theaters it's time to start thinking about the Oscars. But which one deserves to take home the Oscar for best picture? Make this best picture Oscar prediction list your own by voting up the movies from 2021 that should win the golden statue. You can even watch some these Oscar worthy movies on Netflix like The Power of the Dog, other contenders were available on HBO Max the same day they were released in theaters like Dune and King Richard. Hopefully you've had the chance to watch all of these great films and decide for yourself which ones are the best. Maybe Licorice Pizza or Belfast will make to to the top of the list. Only time and your votes will decide.

Vote up the movies you think are most deserving to win the Academy Award. Then be sure to watch the 94th Academy Awards to see if your Oscar predictions come true.