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15 Infuriating Photos of History's Most Evil People Having The Best Time Ever

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It would serve to reason that if you're a champion at creating a bad time, you'd be familiar with its polar opposite, the good time, right? As it turns out, some of the worst people in history really knew how to party. These aren't people you want to see having a good time, but like it or not, history's worst dictators and world leaders took some time to have a little fun every now and again. And sometimes, they took pictures.

What do dictators do for fun? Were any of the worst people who ever lived ever just regular people?

From Fidel Castro getting in a round of golf to Kim Jong-un thrill-seeking on a roller coaster to Hitler enjoying a few laughs by the lake - the worst people who ever lived were out having a good time when they weren't adding pain and suffering to other people's lives.

If these pictures of tyrannical historical figures having fun are any indicator, there was a little spark of everyday life in some of history's worst.