21st Century Food Fads to Avoid

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Only trendy / hip food fads from the 21st Century. No other kinds of fads or centuries. Vote up the ones where you are just like: Wow, no thank you; I can't believe so many bloggers are trying to sell me this fad.

Are you hungry for some popular foods of the 21st Century? Here is a list of the trendiest superfoods of this particular 100-year stretch, ranked by both how "big" they are and how much you should avoid them. It seems like every time you open the Internet, bloggers and trained / respected journalists are touting a new type of food that everyone should put into his face. Today alone, you have probably seen posts about over a dozen "new" foods with allegations about how they will make you a better person (at least on the inside, wink). Chia seeds for longevity? Sure. Soft-boiled eggs for virility and eloquence of language? Alright, whatever. Wedding cake ganache for heightened senses of hearing and sight? Don't shoot the messenger! Each of the "superfoods" on this list is said to be loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, sodium, sugar, or a combination of several other ingredients. Most importantly, each one is also a flash in the pan, no matter what anyone else says. Who is even paying these people?

What makes a food a passing fad? Word of mouth, mostly. Also: that it is either not that healthy or doesn't even taste good. For example, everyone these days thinks nachos will be around forever because they are mostly vegetables, but the truth is that they have a short shelf-life, cosmically-speaking. Do you think your children will be eating flan in 100 years? Guess again. Some foods, like sandwiches, have already proven to be popular over several decades, but scientists predict that these popular snacks will go the way of the dinosaurs and be forgotten by the 22nd Century. Want to prove them wrong? Keep ordering them at your favorite health food stores and show science who knows what re: nutrition and crowd trends. 
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