Unspeakable Times

21st Century Serial Killers

Based on the decrease in news coverage, one might suspect that the age of the serial killer is long past. Serial killers since 2000 would seem to have become increasingly rare, and you might be under the impression that recent serial murderers are virtually nonexistent.

In fact, 21st-century serial killers do exist, but somehow, these modern Jack the Rippers barely warrant a casual mention around the water cooler - never mind a hundred-year manhunt. Reading over this list, you might recognize a few names and faces here and there; probably a couple of cases will ring a bell. But it might be worth asking: Why aren't all of these brutal monsters as burned into our collective memory as Jack the Ripper, Ted Bundy, or John Wayne Gacy Jr. were?

Maybe it's because the monsters among us are still among us, they just don't make for entertaining news in our current age.