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20 Serial Killers Who Served in the Military

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Serial killers who enlisted in the military

List of serial killers who served in the military. Who are some serial killers who have been in the military? This is a list of serial killers with known military backgrounds. It's difficult to define characteristics that meet every serial killer's profile. Though some may have had excellent careers in the military profession, others performed less than satisfactory and were discharged within a short period of time.

Who are some serial killers who performed well in the military? Robert Lee Yates, for example, had a long military career. Charles Whitman earned many honors during his military career, and Timothy McVeigh loved military service. Other serial killers who did not do well in the military include Dennis Rader whose career was described as "unremarkable" and Dean Corll who outwardly hated military service. Then there's Charles Ng who was sentenced to 14 years in military prison for stealing weaponry and attempted desertation.

There are also other serial killers who were discharged from the military for personality disorders and could not move up in the ranks. Jeffrey Dahmer was discharged from the military when his performance began to suffer due to his alcoholism. Randy Steven Kraft was discharged after disclosing his sexuality.

This is a list of serial killers who where in the military service.