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Some Of Your Favorite Celebrities Wrote Comic Books, And They're Not That Bad

The celebrities on this list all wrote comic books but that's not what made any of them famous. If you're a superhero or comic book fan then there's really no greater accomplishment than writing your own comic. Imagine you have the power to do something within that medium. Do you create your own original property? Do you work for one of the big publishers (Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse etc)? Do you write on one of your favorite characters? If you were calling the shots, what would your Spider-Man or Batman do?

These are the famous folk who got the chance. These are the people who were comic fans and leveraged their celebrity into making their fan fiction into something sold at the local comic shop. Whether it was a couple SNL guys writing a single Spider-Man story, a famous geek director redefining a number of superheroes, or a WWE superstar wrestling the God of Thunder, these are the celebrities who've made their comic dreams a reality. 

Whether you like their comedy, their acting, their guitar playing or not, know that everyone on this list shares something with you. They love comics. And they seized the opportunity to write comics of their own.