23 People with the Worst Ideas of All Time

We all make dumb decisions at one point or another in our lives, but these idiots really take the cake. Each of these fail gifs have one thing in common – they always leave you asking yourself, "What on Earth were they thinking?" Though, we all know the answer is most likely they weren't.

Some of these people are morons while others are just plain victims of circumstance. Either way, they've made the ultimate sacrifice – humiliating themselves for our entertainment. These are some of the funniest GIFs of people being stupid on the Internet, so sit back and enjoy these gifs that would make Darwin proud.   

Be forewarned: Some of these GIFs are graphic. People probably got hurt in some of these. Probably.

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    This Guy Who Slid Without Water


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    This Guy Who Exited His Car Mid-Wash


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    This Guy Who Always Dreamed Of Being A Ramp


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    This Guy Who Took A Shortcut


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    This Bartender Who Poured A Flaming Drink


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    This Guy Who Thought His Friend Was William Tell





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