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20 Toys That Prove Your Parents Didn't Love You

List RulesVote up the toys that disappointed you the most as a young, spoiled brat with high standards for your struggling parents.

Obviously, a lot of people couldn't afford a lot of things. And of course, your parents loved you. But sometimes you just need stuff to be good. And when it comes to building spaceships, drawing, and even playing with action figures, you didn't want them falling apart after a few hours of play. But if you were under tight circumstances and had frugal parents, you were forced to live this life. The title of the list is obviously a joke, but when you were at that age, it sure as hell felt like your parents were giving you the worst crap in the world on purpose. Kids are jerks. But all these choices are spot on.

Many of us in the '80s and '90s were unaware (or at least in denial) that our parents were passing off cheap toys as what are now the most nostalgia-inducing toys of the '80s and the best toys of the '90s. If your parents skimped on amusement but splurged on school supplies, you might also enjoy a trip down memory lane with the most nostalgia-inducing school supplies from the '90s.

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    Off-Brand Barbie Knockoffs

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    RoseArt Crayons

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    Pencils With No Erasers

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    Off-Brand Action Figure Knockoffs

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