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25 Things You Didn't Know About Gen 1 Pokémon

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Even if you're not a big Pokémon fan, you can certainly recognize the Generation 1 Pokémon. Almost everyone knows Pikachu and the OG starters, Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander. And while some people prefer the other Pokémon generations, true fans know that Gen 1 will always hold a special place in our hearts. If you're a self-proclaimed Gen 1 fan, you've come to the right place.

Think you know all about the Gen 1 Pokémon? Test your Pokémon trivia skills with this list of interesting facts. Some may surprise you or give you more insight into the creation of the characters. 

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    Mew Was Created Only Two Weeks Before 'Pokémon Red and Green' Was Finished

    One of the original Pokémon game designers and programmers, Shigeki Morimoto, revealed in an interview that he created Mew only two weeks before the Pokémon Red and Green game development was finished. When the game was released in Japan, Mew was a secret character. Even Nintendo had no idea that Morimoto programmed Mew into the game.

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    Magikarp's Evolution Into Gyarados Was Inspired By A Chinese Legend

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    According to a Chinese legend, a carp can become a dragon if it leaps over the Dragon Gate. Certain waterfalls and cataracts in China are considered to be the location of the Dragon Gate. This story serves as an allegory of overcoming obstacles which goes hand-in-hand with Magikarp's evolution from a weak Pokémon to a fearsome dragon-like species.

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    Ninetales Is Based On The Japanese Legend Of Kitsune

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    Japanese folklore enthusiasts or even Naruto fans might have already guessed this fact. Foxes, or kitsune, are usually depicted as powerful shape shifters in Japanese folklore. They can have up to nine tails and are able to breathe fire. Their association with spirits could be a reason why Ninetales can learn Ghost-type moves.

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    The Nation Of Niue Has An Official One-Dollar Pikachu Coin 

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    In 2001, the nation of Niue (a small island nation northeast of New Zealand) officially released a one-dollar coin with Pikachu embossed on one side in order to promote the Pokémon franchise.

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