15 Famous People Sitting On The Iron Throne

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Only characters that are not actually on The Game of Thrones

LIst of popular characters sitting on the Iron Throne including actors, television stars, fictional characters, cartoons, musicians, politicians. Game of Thrones is one of the most popular shows on TV and everyone--even famous characters from other television shows--wants a piece of the Iron Throne! In the real show, all of the best Game of Thrones characters strategize to take control of the throne. On this Ranker list, any character in the world could win!

Which of these notable characters looks the best on the Iron Throne? Who most deserves to sit on the Iron Throne and rule the Seven Kingdoms? Is it Dexter on the Iron Throne? Tony Soprano on the Iron Throne? Sad Keanu on the Iron Throne? King's Landing is not big enough for all of these popular characters, so vote for your favorite funny Iron Throne pic and decide who is most worthy. Add any characters that may be missing.