26 Photos We Saw This Month That Are Actually Pretty Interesting

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  • 1. Roommates Past

    Roommates Past
    Photo: u/Raise_Master / Reddit
  • 2. Tree Inside A Tree

    Tree Inside A Tree
    Photo: u/Thoraxe474 / Reddit
  • 3. Indecisive Tulip

    Indecisive Tulip
    Photo: u/Ietsmetdingen / Reddit
  • 4. Tree Or Banana?

    Tree Or Banana?
    Photo: u/EyeHog / Reddit
  • 5. Stained Glass In Nature

    Stained Glass In Nature
    Photo: u/ResonancePhotographr / Reddit
  • 6. Old Film Roll

    Old Film Roll
    Photo: u/SirTrypsalot / Reddit