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The Untimely Deaths Of The 27 Club Could Have Rational, Astrological Explanations

Of all the world's organizations and VIP areas, the 27 Club is one you really don't want to be a part of. A staggering amount of musicians, actors, and artists have died at age 27, often because of drug abuse or suicide. The tragic fate of the 27 Club almost seems like a curse - but the planets may provide an explanation. Perhaps it's not a curse at all, but rather an extremely rare and difficult combination of planets in your Natal Chart. If that's the case, can astrology predict your death?

The way the stars and planets align at the moment of our birth and for the rest of our life also influence how astrology impacted the 27 Club, and in this case the Progressed Lunar and Saturn Returns are the most important to examine. Occurring around age 27, the Moon and Saturn move to the same position they were at the time of your birth, and they can bring a lot of turmoil and need for personal growth along with them. Through examining the astrological charts of members of the 27 Club, their dispositions to insecurity and willingness to cope using drugs or alcohol appears to have been closely tied to the planets' work. So what exactly happened to the 27 Club and what does the Saturn Return do? The role of astrology in death may give us some clues.

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  • The Lunar Return Is One Of The Most Difficult And Emotional Periods You Will Ever Have
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    The Lunar Return Is One Of The Most Difficult And Emotional Periods You Will Ever Have

    The planets may be in a certain position the moment you are born and are recorded on your Natal Chart, but it doesn't mean you're stuck with certain qualities for life. A Progressed Chart tracks the planets' movements every day of your life after birth and will show their influences through your development as a person. It takes around 28 years for the progressed Moon to cycle through and return to the location it appeared at the minute of your birth. The changes that occur as the Moon is returning can bring positive or negative influences to one's life, depending on its location and connection to other planets. Some astrologers connect this Progressed Lunar Return to the fact many artists have perished due to suicide or drug overdoses during this time period. Since the movement of the Moon and planets affects everyone, all humans undergo these events but celebrities have taken the spotlight.

  • Your Lunar Return Can Be Horrible Or Invigorating - It All Depends On The Planets
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    Your Lunar Return Can Be Horrible Or Invigorating - It All Depends On The Planets

    Since the Moon is largely responsible for our emotional attachments, during our Progressed Lunar Return we are forced to examine our lives and decide if we should keep going as is or make changes to better ourselves. Depending on how we deal with challenges, this time period can either be exciting or a real downer. There can be an internal tension taking place since our behaviors up until that age may be deeply ingrained and difficult to let go - change can be pretty scary, after all. Our level of confidence is connected to the positioning of the Moon as well, so as it changes, our inner security can become unstable.

    It's been discovered members of the 27 Club had charts in which the Moon was opposite or square to Venus, which represents an innate struggle between the two planets. Moon opposing Venus can mean a person has a great need for affection and love that is almost overpowering. Moon square Venus often leads people to place a lot of value on their intimate relationships - sometimes too much - and they can end up feeling extremely unloved if their needs aren't met. These qualities can often be found in the charts of celebrities and are also noted precursors to drug abuse or suicide.

  • Saturn Return Follows The Lunar Return And Is The Ultimate Coming-Of-Age Drama

    The Progressed Lunar Return clears the way for the Saturn Return. Saturn Return is the astrological coming-of-age, when you officially mature into adulthood and leave behind the comforts of childhood. Since the removal of the security we've been building for the past 28-ish years can leave things unsteady, Saturn's return can bring even more unease. Saturn governs what we achieve in life and is responsible for careers, ambitions, and feelings about yourself; it often shows where we need to put in more work in life in order to gain greater rewards, but the work often overshadows the reward. Saturn Return can make us question our maturity, both mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, as we must break down what we know about ourselves in order to become a better version. Although things can be made more painful if the planets were poorly aspected (positioned) when a person was born, all humans find themselves in this spot around the age of 28.

    One astrologer pointed out many members of the 27 Club found success and fame early in their lives and as such may have been forced to mature faster than normal. Instead of being pushed forward to deeper development as Saturn completed its tour of the zodiac, they may have been looking to escape their current life and start over.

  • The Lunar Nodes Show Our Karmic Destiny But Can Pull Us In The Wrong Direction
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    The Lunar Nodes Show Our Karmic Destiny But Can Pull Us In The Wrong Direction

    Mathematical points called Lunar Nodes are used by astrologers to determine a person's karmic path as well as the challenges they faced in previous lives that could possibly affect this one. The North Node always falls in the opposite zodiac sign of the South Node, and both are calculated by establishing where the Moon passes the ecliptic path of the Sun. The South Node represents areas of life and skills in which you are already gifted and are thought to be characteristics you acquired in a previous life. The North Node represents where you should go with this lifetime, and how you can progress and leave behind the things that are karmically holding you back from a previous existence. 

    While the South Node may be your comfort zone, in order to develop and fulfill your destiny, the North Node is necessary. A separation of identity between the two can cause a conflict between what you feel you should do and what's actually best for you. Lunar Nodes complete their cycle every 18.6 years, so around age 27 a person is about halfway through their second cycle. This means the Moon corresponds with their South Node and may pull them further from where they need to be in order to develop, possibly leading to drug abuse or suicide in order to cope.

  • The Second Progressed Lunar Returns Can Claim Lives On Its Repeat Trip
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    The Second Progressed Lunar Returns Can Claim Lives On Its Repeat Trip

    For those who pass the 27 milestone, the Progressed Lunar Return will happen again, this time somewhere between 55 and 58. Once again, the universe is asking for change and many people may encounter health concerns now that they're older. The second Progressed Lunar Return is less about developing ourselves and more about questioning the impact we've had on the world and what could be done to improve upon it.

    Although this transition may not be as profound as it was at 27-years-old, this change is equally important and necessary. Members of this club are just as famous, including Prince (57), Steve Jobs (56), Andy Warhol (58), and Emily Dickinson (55). Considering all these famous figures achieved great things in their lifetimes, perhaps their death around their second Progressed Lunar Return meant their work was done.

  • The former lead singer of Nirvana was a Pisces and struggled with depression and heroin addiction throughout his life - Pisces is the sign most associated with escapism and addiction so that isn't entirely surprising. He was also diagnosed with ADD and bi-polar disorder as a child, making for an even more unsteady emotional base. While Pisces are known for being more sensitive and moody, having his Moon in Cancer as well as Venus and Mercury in Pisces - all water signs - made his emotional nature even more powerful. Cobain had an up and down relationship with his Cancer wife, Courtney Love and struggled with accepting how famous he had become in such a short amount of time, as well as the pressures presented by being a celebrity. He committed suicide in 1994.

    Interestingly, his Saturn Return occurred within the 7th House, the domain of one-on-one relationships. Not only was it forming difficult angles to other planets in his Natal Chart, but considering the amount of consternation and speculation there has been regarding Courtney Love's possible involvement in his death, it's almost too tempting to consider the implications of such a placement.