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14 Small But Fascinating Details Fans Noticed In '28 Days Later'

August 13, 2020 1.6k votes 268 voters 51.6k views14 items

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28 Days Later is considered one of the great horror movies of the 21st century and is credited with kicking off the zombie movie craze of the early 2000s. The first film, however, is still one of the most popular, and as such, fans have spent years dissecting the little details for fascinating moments that many viewers missed. We collected some of the best details below.

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    The Plane Definitely Sees The Survivors At The End

    From IMDB

    In the end of the film, the pilot of the plane is speaking Finnish on the radio. The very last words he says are, "Lähetätkö helikopterin?" which means "Will you send a helicopter?"

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    Frank Is Using A Hamper To Collect Water

    From Redditor u/liquorette

    I think the hamper was put there to show the extreme desperation for anything they can get. I’ve always loved this detail. Hopeful/hopelessness.

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    The Stopped Clocks

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    The Statue At The Mansion Foreshadows The Soldiers' Eventual Betrayal

    From IMDB

    When Jim, Selena and Hannah first enter the manor where the soldiers have set up their fortress, a Roman statue of the Laöcoon group can be seen in the centre. In Virgil, Laöcoon was a Trojan priest who was attacked by giant serpents sent by the gods, and his most famous line is "Do not trust the Horse, Trojans / Whatever it is, I fear the Greeks even bearing gifts." His appearance is significant because he foreshadows the soldier's betrayal and ulterior motives.

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