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3 Generations movie quotes help tell the story portrayed in the film about a transgender teen growing up in a family of women. The drama movie was directed by Gaby Dellal using a screenplay he co-wrote with Nikole Beckwith. 3 Generations opened theatrically on May 5, 2017.

In 3 Generations, Ray (Elle Fanning) was born a female but now as a teen identifies as a male. He lives in New York City where he's been raised by his mother, Maggie (Naomi Watts), his grandmother Dolly (Susan Sarandon) and Dolly's girlfriend, Frances (Linda Emond). Ray narrates the film and describes how it feels to feel like a male but be seen as a female.

So, with Maggie's support, Ray begins the process of transitioning from female to male. This comes with a little confusion from Dolly and Frances, who are not too familiar with transgender people, and a little bit of difficulty. In order to file the papers needed, Ray needs to get approval from his long estranged father, Craig (Tate Donovan), with whom he hasn't spoken since Ray was a baby.

3 Generations was just one of several spring 2017 movies in theaters along with the likes of The Dinner, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 , Buster's Mal Heart, and Sleight.


Everybody Still Sees Me As a Girl

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Ray: I was raised in New York by my mom, my mom's mom and my mom's mom's girlfriend. The hardest part of my day is knowing that everybody still sees me as a girl. 

As he narrates in this 3 Generations movie quote, Ray gives a bit of insight into his life and his struggles. Ray was born a girl, raised by three women but identifies as a male.

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I Still Vote Lesbian

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Dolly: Why can't she just be a lesbian?
Maggie: Because she's not a lesbian, mom. She's a boy. 
Ray: I just want to be normal.
Dolly: Why is normal the goal? What about being authentic?
Maggie: Authentic is what he wants to be.
Frances: Good answer
Dolly: That is a good answer... I still vote lesbian.

Over dinner, Dolly, Maggie, Ray and Frances discuss Ray's transition from female to male in these 3 Generations movie quotes. Dolly fails to grasp the difference between a lesbian and a transgender person and even tries to vote that Ray be a lesbian instead.

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Trying Something Alternative

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Doctor: There may be mood swings and you will see a drop in the menstrual cycle.
Ray: Thank god
Dolly: What about trying something alternative?
Maggie: What, like acupuncture? We'll see you at home, mom.
Dolly: What did I say? 

Ray and his family meet with a doctor to hear about what he can expect during his female-to-male transition. Dolly isn't impressed with what she hears and makes an odd but well-meaning suggestion.

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Are You Like Our Brother?

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Cole: So are you like our brother?
Craig: Sort of
Mia: Why sort of?
Ray: Because I was born in a girl's body
Mia: I'm a girl in a girl's body, I think.

When Ray visits with his estranged father, Craig, and Craig's family, terminology and gender get a little tricky. As Ray explains identifying as a boy, Craig's daughter Mia begins to question her own gender.

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