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3 of the World’s Most Dangerous Gases

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Three of the world’s most poisonous glasses and the damage they can do to the human body.
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    Hydrogen Sulphide

    Hydrogen sulphide reduces the body’s oxygen supply and in doing so, directly damages the cells of the nervous system and paralyzes the respiratory system. Very high concentrations of hydrogen sulphide can cause immediate coma, followed quickly by sudden death.
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    Arsine attacks the haemoglobin in the body’s red blood cells causing them to be destroyed. Initial signs of exposer are severe headaches, followed by haemolytic anaemia, and nephropathy. Any exposure to concentrations of arsine of 250 ppm is rapidly fatal and exposure to 10 ppm for long periods can also lead to fatality.
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    Chlorine is a toxic gas that irritates the respiratory system. Initial contraction to chlorine at a level of 30 ppm leads to coughing and vomiting, lung damage can occur with exposure to 60ppm and exposure to 1000 ppm can cause fatality.