Millennials In Their 30s And 40s Are Sharing The Life Lessons They Wish They Learned Earlier

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We get older, we get wiser, and then we get the urge to pass on that knowledge to younger generations. Over on Reddit, thanks to Redditor Pecidilo, millennials in their 30s and 40s are sharing the things in life that they regret not doing sooner. We've compiled the most fascinating and helpful answers of the bunch below. Vote on the widsom that you agree with too.

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    "Trying To Learn To Be Less Hard On Myself"

    From Redditor u/BAMxi:

    Been wishing/hoping for the future for as long as I remember. Got cancer at 33 (I got better) and realized I wasted a lot of my life not living in the moment. Still a struggle as I’m not where I thought I would be by 35, but still grateful to be better off than many. In summary: trying to learn to be less hard on myself.

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    A Hard Lesson About "Unconditional Love"

    From Redditor u/paigejohnson8386:

    I wish i would have found out earlier that not everyone loves you unconditionally, even if you love them that way. Not even family.

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    Investment 101

    From Redditor u/[deleted]:

    Learning how to invest at a younger age.

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    Normalizing Mental Health Conversations

    From Redditor u/roguethought:

    I wish I'd been open to the idea that I had a legit mental illness and wasn't just lazy. I could have started the process of managing sh*t much sooner.

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    Appreciating The Parents And Remembering They Won't Be Around Forever

    From Redditor u/krholley92:

    Appreciating my parents. I was always embarrassed as a teen when my Mom or Dad wanted to take me to the movies because wHaT iF mY sChOoL fRiEnDs SeE mE. I always ate dinner in my room to watch TV or spent so much time at home on the computer…sighed when my parents wanted to watch a movie. Stayed on the phone or with my earbuds in any moment I could instead of just hanging out with them.

    Now I’m 29 with a steady job and living 4 and 1/2 hours away, and I don’t get to see them often. I miss them, and I will never live with them again. I’m grappling with the fact that my parents will never stop getting older and they are not in fact immortals who will be with me forever. I wish I could go back in time when I got to see them every day for years, and I wish I could just truly live in and enjoy all of that time with them. I also wish I could knock my younger self in the head for ever being embarrassed to be seen with them in public and tell myself how much of an idiot I was being.

    Basically I wish I didn’t take them for granted. I make a strong effort now to enjoy as much time with them as I can and never take them for granted again.

    Edit: I definitely realize not everyone’s parents were people they want to spend time with, and I’m so sorry for that. If they are wonderful, though, and you’re a teen, don’t be like me. Your parents grow older with you, and they won’t be there forever. Don’t take them for granted.

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    Never Starting The Habit

    From Redditor u/KarensRpeopletoo:

    I regret not quitting smoking earlier... Or just not smoking to begin with.

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