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Fails 30 Greatest Videos of Kids Getting OWNED  

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It's probably evil to laugh at kids getting hurt on YouTube -- but that's probably why it feels so good. I don't hate kids, I actually love them, but for some reason, watching them have YouTube worthy mishaps (while not suffering any long-term damage, of course, blah blah blah) is one of the greatest things in the history of the internet. So here's a list of the most OH!-inducing clips kids getting OWNED. Special thanks to all the irresponsible, crooked-priority-filled family members who were kind enough to film these.

What is the best video of little kids getting hurt? Take a look at these hilarious videos and see for yourself.

Insane Karate Dog Jump Kicks Toddler on Wheels

First of all, I had absolutely no idea that dogs had the ability to perform jump kicks with no training. It took me years of watching Kung Fu movies to finally be able to pull one off. After getting back from the hospital later that night, I decided it was something best left for professionals. Luckily, this dog is a professional.

There's a cat, a vibrating toy taunting it and finally, a child wipes across the screen. This dog as had enough and it's the kid's turn to pay.

If you notice, the dog doesn't even care about the other things it was chasing, it just wanted to let everyone know that there are consequences for the over-stimulation he was going through... and someone needed to foot the bill.

Owned at the Buzzer

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Video: YouTube

The way this clip unfolds is nothing less than cinematic, no, completely and utterly miraculous. You see the little tyke run around the court as if it were nothing, but it's actually a clever foreshadowing of events to come.

Then you have the player with the ball, who like any basketball player wants to chuck the ball full court at the buzzer for a possible extra three points that will get him laid for the rest of his life, but that never works out.

Fate then decides to intervene as the ball sails and misses any part of the basket at all, combines with the mystical power of the universe and collides with the toddler's skull for an amazing finish.

Roll credits and pass in your 3D glasses, because this insane movie of an event is over. Insane.

Worst. Slide. Ever.

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Video: YouTube

Parents should just show kids this video when they're trying to teach them to just do what they say.

Either that, or the terribly British parents in this video should really do a better job at communicating the gravity of exactly how crappy of a slide they bought their kid, "Edward."

When Edward climbs the slide, his father says "Edward, don't jump... you'll hurt yourself," but Edward of course does the opposite, and falls not off, but through the slide.

Probably also a parenting fail because this slide was apparently made of either construction paper or was sabotaged by a rival baby.

Little Kid Gets Kicked in the Face by Trampoline Jumper

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Video: YouTube

First of all, this guy clearly knows what he's doing. He's practicing his trampoline skills, flipping, jumping and picking up momentum with every single jump. He's going to show the world who he is and he doesn't care who knows it.

Until a little girl comes along.

She hangs off the trampoline and apparently has no sense of consequence. The person video taping the whole thing decides that this is a safe place for a little girl.

Everyone watching at home is tense as soon as she shows up.

The little kid starts hanging off the trampoline as if there's not a guy exerting himself and picking up hundreds of pounds of force in the process. The guy actually performs a fail so hard that even if the little girl were not there, this video would be an amazing thing to watch.

He flips upside down and lands feet first OFF of the trampoline. Luckily, there was a little girl there to break his fall. Looks like he'll live to jump another day.