16 Totally Crazy, Yet Genius '30 Rock' Fan Theories

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30 Rock is Tina Fey’s crowning achievement. The show follows the zany life of Liz Lemon, a comedy show producer for NBC, and her coworkers. It was once dubbed the Funniest TV Comedy of All Time. Since it first aired in 2013, the show has featured dozens of guest stars and racked up hundreds of award nominations over seven seasons. But like any show with a cult following, the fans can't help but try to expand on the world presented which has resulted in a long list of 30 Rock fan theories.

The most frequent topic of 30 Rock universe fan theories is by far character Kenneth Parcell. The page boy of 30 Rock's fictional NBC world is a favorite of viewers musings. Liz and Tracy also have plenty of theories focused on who they are in the show and on the real lives of the actors who play them. 

No character is off limits when it comes to fan theories and the sky's the limit on how absurd they can get. Here's a running list of the most popular (and insane) fan theories about 30 Rock, all of which will have you second guessing the characters and story lines of the show you love most. And for your next binge watch, check out these other shows like 30 Rock.