16 Totally Crazy, Yet Genius '30 Rock' Fan Theories

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30 Rock is Tina Fey’s crowning achievement. The show follows the zany life of Liz Lemon, a comedy show producer for NBC, and her coworkers. It was once dubbed the Funniest TV Comedy of All Time. Since it first aired in 2013, the show has featured dozens of guest stars and racked up hundreds of award nominations over seven seasons. But like any show with a cult following, the fans can't help but try to expand on the world presented which has resulted in a long list of 30 Rock fan theories.

The most frequent topic of 30 Rock universe fan theories is by far character Kenneth Parcell. The page boy of 30 Rock's fictional NBC world is a favorite of viewers musings. Liz and Tracy also have plenty of theories focused on who they are in the show and on the real lives of the actors who play them. 

No character is off limits when it comes to fan theories and the sky's the limit on how absurd they can get. Here's a running list of the most popular (and insane) fan theories about 30 Rock, all of which will have you second guessing the characters and story lines of the show you love most. And for your next binge watch, check out these other shows like 30 Rock.

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    Kenneth Parcell Is Immortal And/Or Celestial

    Many fans have theories about Kenneth and his age, but Reddit user GuyYellingFromAWell has a pretty convincing take on the page's immortality:

    "Death is the consequence of sin, Kenneth is completely pure, By this logic Kenneth doesn't have to pay the 'price' for his sin and thus cannot die.”

    User thisisntadam backs up this theory in the comments with a few choice Kenneth Parcell quotes:

    "Kenneth implies that he is actually an angel of God, as when Jenna Maroney asks him if she is the worst person he knows, he replies "Miss Maroney, judging is for God and his angels... so yes, you are."

    And in a different episode:

    Kenneth's mother, Pearlene, recalls what Kenneth said to her on the day he was born: "Momma, I am not a person. My body is just a flesh vessel, for an immortal being whose name, if you heard it, would make you lose your mind.""

    Makes a lot of sense. 

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    This Is Larry Braverman

    In the Season 3 episode "Reunion," Jack goes to Liz's high school reunion, where he's mistaken for one of Liz's former classmates, Larry Braverman, because they look very similar. In a Season 5 episode, "College," a deliveryman who looks just like Jack - but isn't - delivers food to a group of GE employees. The picture above is of the unnamed deliveryman. Reddit user eggs_benedictus posits that the deliveryman is actually Larry Braverman.

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    Tracy, Jenna, And Liz Represent The Id, Ego, And Superego

    Alright, this one is pretty cerebral, but kneisage has a very sophisticated idea as to why Tracy, Jenna, and Liz are all so, well, odd. He thinks that the three of them represent the three areas of the human psyche.

    Sigmund Freud theorized that the Id represents our disorganized, instinctual desires (Tracy). The Ego is the narcissist part of one's self (Jenna). The Superego is the moral center manage the Id and Ego (Liz).

    It certainly could explain their three-pronged dynamic and how well they all fit together.

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    Sabor De Soledad Made Liz Lemon Infertile

    Reddit user grifter sly has a very detailed and well sourced theory on why Liz was never able to have kids which involves her favorite snack food Sabor de Soledad. They theorize:

    "Injectable Contraceptives like Depo-Provera have been known to have permanent negative side effects if used longer than a specific amount of time (18 months to 2 years). Women on depo-provera are known to stop having periods near the end of the first year of use. These days birth control options like depo-provera are being used to avoid periods all together. It is even mentioned on the show that Sabor de Soledad is used by Mexican Women for birth control. 

    Consuming so much Sabor de Soledad permanently affected Liz Lemon's Reproductive System.”

    Liz does love her some Sabor de Soledad, though it seems a little cruel to suggest that her favorite snack item - which translates from Spanish to mean Flavor of Loneliness - was the cause to her fertility woes.

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    Dr. Spaceman Is Actually A Genius

    It’s a pretty common theme for 30 Rock fan theories (or any fan theories) to proffer that the characters are actually smarter than they let on. Reddit user psychopathic_rhino thinks that in 30 Rock that character is Dr. Spaceman and that he is in fact a great doctor and marketer. He writes:

    "Dr. Spaceman isn't an idiot, he's a genius. He's a great doctor. No one is ever actually harmed by any of his procedures. The one time where Tracy had a meltdown, Spaceman knew exactly what drugs to give him that wouldn't interact with any of the multiple drugs Tracy was already on. 

    Also, he stops procedures in an unethical way such as stopping Tracy's vasectomy because Jack ran in. He knew it was a bad idea but just wanted them to come to the conclusions themselves. He was never going to go through with it.

    He's an incredible marketer. Spaceman knows that he's a genius doctor, but wants to get big bucks by being the celebrity doctor. He acts like an idiot because it makes celebrities feel smarter than a doctor. After anyone sees his results they don't care how stupid he sounds. 

    He knows that certain celebrities will be tempted to do drugs, so he prescribes a personalized cocktail to keep them out of it using his medical magic. And he prescribes safe drugs to appease the people that want narcotics. He made himself into the perfect celebrity doctor.”

    Dr. Spaceman does seem to have a lot of close calls and no one ever takes away his medical license. 

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    Tracy Jordan Is An Andy Kaufman-esque Comedy Genius

    There’s plenty of love for Tracy Jordan on Reddit but user Primetime22 takes that love a step further with their fan theory. Providing detailed examples, Primetime22 posits that Tracy is actually much smarter than he lets on and is actually constantly playing the part of the fool to further his career. The theory explained:

    ""Tracy Jordan" is a character that Tracy plays 24/7 to show off his own sharp wit. Tracy is something of a "Drunken Master" to comedy, keeping his appearance as an irresponsible, womanizing, drunk to keep the "act" up."

    So, in theory, Tracy Jordan goes home each night to be a normal and thoroughly committed comedy genius.

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