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Harsh Reminders Every 30-Year-Old Needs To Hear Right Now

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Turning 30 is seen a major turning point. It marks the beginning of what's supposed to be the decade when relationships and careers goals start to fall into place, but in reality it often can feel like we're Tom Hanks in the film Big - just playing the part the part of adults while trying to figure out what the heck we're supposed to do. Leaving behind our 20s can be bittersweet, but as scary as your 30s may be, it's also the decade when you're more confident, more successful, and wiser than you were 10 years before.

That's something to celebrate. This is a list of some reminders to help you make your 30s the best decade yet. 

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    Friends are about quality, not quantity.

    Having two or three close friends is FAR MORE VALUABLE than having 500 online ones. And I get it - growing up, it seemed like the more friends you had, the cooler you were. Then came Facebook, and suddenly racking up your number of "friends" was a thing.

    But as you get older, if you're not focusing less on what other people think of your online persona and more on building and maintaining long-term, sustainable relationships with good people, you need to make an adjustment. It's a no-brainer. 

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    It's better to be yourself than someone the person you're dating wants you to be.


    When you were young, dating could sometimes be all about trying to be whatever you think the person you're attracted to wants you to be. But remember: being true to yourself and open about who you are IS WAY BETTER THAN WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO WHEN YOU'RE DATING ON TINDER. 

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    Save your money.


    Regardless of how much you're making at this point, know your credit score and manage your 401(k). Making money is great. Managing it, on the other hand, can be confusing and difficult - but it's beneficial in the long run. 


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    Friend breakups happen.

    It happens to everyone - don't think you're going to go through life unscathed. People have differences of opinion, and sometimes they come out suddenly and unexpectedly, and then you start rethinking who your friend actually is. It's a tough thing to go through - it's terrible, actually.

    But it happens, and for good reason, because in all likelihood it would have happened eventually. Suck it up and deal with it the best you can. 

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