30th Birthday Party Ideas

Dirty 30? Thirsty 30? A classy wine and cheese night to celebrate your continued march towards adulthood? No matter what you choose, this list of 30th birthday party ideas has some great party themes for anyone's 30th. There are many fun and exciting ways to celebrate your 30th birthday. Whether you like to stay at home or go out on the town, your 30th birthday should be a memorable one. Invite your friends and family to celebrate with you on a fabulous vacation or you can host a fun theme party.

What are some fun ways to spend your 30th birthday? A beer or wine tasting gives you and your guests the chance to try something new. Serve the drinks in small glasses so that your guests can try more varieties. If you are looking for an inspired way to celebrate your 30th birthday, invite your friends to join you in doing some charity work. You can pick up litter at the local park or volunteer at your local food pantry. 

An 80s theme party is a great way to celebrate your 30th birthday. Encourage your guests to wear lots of neon and to make their hair as big as possible. Play classic 80s music from Madonna, Prince, Van Halen and more. Pass out retro mix tapes and “30 Sucks” suckers as party favors. No matter what you do for your thirtieth bday, the best way to celebrate is with something that is distinctly you.

What are the best 30th birthday ideas and greatest ways to celebrate a birthday? Vote here, share your thoughts in the comments section, and also check out the top 25 things you should do before your 25th birthday.

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    Celebrate your 30th birthday by inviting your friends and family to join you at an all inclusive resort. There are many beautiful and affordable options in Mexico, Puerto Rico and Punta Cana.  Make your 30th a birthday that you will never forget!
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    Rent a Cabin

    Rent a Cabin
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    Have some quality bonding time with your guests by renting a cabin.  If it is winter, be sure and find a ski resort so you can hit the slopes.
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    Road Trip

    Road Trip
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    Celebrate your 30th by exploring the country with your closest friends. Rent a stylish car and plan a route that will take you through the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam and Yosemite. Be sure to leave plenty of time for detours and impromptu stops along the way.
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    Bucket List

    Bucket List
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    Don't wait until it's too late to start accomplishing your dreams. Host a bucket list party and brainstorm goals with your friends. You could also cross something off your bucket list and invite your friends to go sky diving or bungee jumping.
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    Fancy Dinner

    Fancy Dinner
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    Celebrate your 30th in style and embrace adulthood by going out for a fancy dinner with friends. If you like to cook, invite your guests over and serve a decadent meal at a sophisticated dinner party.
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    Scavenger Hunt

    Scavenger Hunt
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    Have a great time running around town bonding with your friends and family with a scavenger hunt birthday party. Give your guests wacky tasks like "starting a conga line at the grocery store" or "ask a stranger for a hug." Whoever finishes all of their tasks first can win a fun prize.