20 Style Hacks That Will Immediately Make You Look Skinny

A fitness routine is great and all, but for quick fixes, you need expert tips for looking skinny in your clothes (without actually dropping any pounds).

Did you know a long necklace can help your neck look lean? Or that nude heels make your legs seem even taller? Forget losing weight. You can look hot immediately as long as you dress the right ways. Pretty soon, feeling fat will be a thing of the past.

If you’re ready to give up on those fad diets and learn to work with what you got, try these quick fashion tips for looking thin. Leave the dieting for uninformed masses; you’ve got shopping to do!

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  • 1

    Make Sure Everything Actually Fits

    Stop caring what the number on your tag says. Just buy the size that looks good!

  • 2

    Stand Up Straight

    Good posture literally makes you taller!
  • 3

    Hide Problem Areas with Dark Colors

    Draw attention to your favorite parts with a pop of color, and let black work it's magic on your jiggly bits.
  • 4

    Get Your Makeup Right

    Pick one feature - either your eyes or your lips - to accentuate with color. Leave the rest looking relatively natural.
  • 5

    Be Confident

    Who cares what other people think! You're hot!
  • 6

    Have Fun

    Everyone's attracted to the most fun, upbeat, and easy going girl in the room.
  • 7

    Get a Professionally-Fitted Bra

    When the girls look good, you look good. Sagging is not cute.
  • 8

    Avoid Salty Foods

    Bloating looks bad on everyone.
  • 9

    Buy Simple, Chic Jeans

    No more diamond-encrusted pockets! All those fancy embellishments add weight and emphasis to your booty.
  • 10

    Avoid Stiff or Heavy Fabrics

    Help! Help! I'm trapped in ill-fitting, unflattering dress!
  • 11

    Opt for Ruching at the Waist

    Another great way to create the hourglass look and hide a larger middle.
  • 12

    Wear a V-Neck

    It makes your neck look longer and gives 'em a glimpse of the girls. Boobs are excellent distractions from "problem areas."
  • 13

    Get Longer Pants

    Legs look their best when your pants skim the top of your toes.
  • 14

    Go Bootcut

    A subtle flare on your pants will help lengthen the look of your legs.

  • 15

    Invest in Spanx

    Everyone wears them because they are glorious.
  • 16

    Wear a Long Necklace

    Another optical illusion that helps stretch our your neck area. Both humans and giraffes find long necks beautiful.
  • 17

    Wear Head-to-Toe Black

    A no-brainer.
  • 18

    Buy a Wrap Dress

    A wardrobe must-have, the wrap dress will hide imperfections and give you a goddess-like hourglass shape.
  • 19

    Match Your Shoes to Your Skin Tone

    Trick people into thinking your feet are just another part of your long, skinny legs!
  • 20

    Go High-Waisted

    Low-rise anything is guaranteed to make you look short and squat. Instead, opt for a higher waistline that hits just above the belly button and comes in a dark wash. And don't forget to tuck in your blouse!