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29 Brilliant Examples of "Redneck Innovation"

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Miles on Lost said it best: "I don't believe in a lot of things, but I do believe in duct tape." There are people in this word who believe that duct tape and zip ties are superior to all other forms of repair equipment and construction supplies, and others just enjoy a good challenge. These fine examples of MacGyver-like innovation are simultaneously appalling and breathtaking to behold.

Unlike the multitudes of useless inventions that come onto the market every year, some of the hillbilly innovation on this list is really quite impressive. What are some of the best uses for duct tape? When is a good time to use zip ties instead of actual repair materials? What can't duct tape fix? These relevant, burning questions will all be addressed here on this round up of the best MacGyvered, "Redneck Innovation" solutions on the internet.

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    For Those Hard-To-Clean Stains

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    Easy Home Security

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    Perfect Stereo Sound

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    Two Weeks Until The Office Supply Order Comes In

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