34 Everyday Things That Look Like Pure Evil

Have you ever caught your lampshade glaring at you with a sinister gleam in its eye? Or noticed your backpack plotting to murder you? Hey, maybe you just have a wild imagination, or maybe your stuff is possessed by the actual Devil or another lesser demon. This gallery of things that look evil includes everything from your breakfast to your security blanket to that reflection on the wall in your bathroom that makes you uncomfortable when you pee. What happens when/if you look away? Will it come closer, like those angels in that episode of Doctor Who that maybe will give you nightmares tonight? Only one way to find out. (Option B: Throw that thing away before it destroys you.) Vote up the most insidious-looking everyday objects, shadows, and so forth, and be careful out there, you guys.

  • 1. This Icicle

    This Icicle
    Photo: 9Gag
    2,603 votes
  • 2. This Wardrobe Troll

    This Wardrobe Troll
    Photo: Pinterest
    2,425 votes
  • 3. This Grill

    This Grill
    Photo: Reddit
    2,349 votes
  • 4. This Lampshade

    This Lampshade
    Photo: Just Post
    2,076 votes
  • 5. This Humidifier

    This Humidifier
    Photo: flickr / CC0
    1,848 votes
  • 6. These Bubbles

    These Bubbles
    Photo: Reddit
    2,280 votes