The Coolest 3D GIFs You'll Ever See

Are you sick of wimpy photos that blindly conform to standards like staying still or respecting the boundaries of their edges? Are you ready for some real images that chuckle at the suggestion of remaining politely within 2 dimensions? Then get ready for a mildly rebellious time as you get a load of some of the coolest 3D GIFs (aka split depth GIFs) ever. That’s right, we said “ever” and we show no signs of correcting ourselves.

Assembled here you’ll find a collection of images gone rogue. That’s right - we've got guys leaping off the screen, weapons that look like they’re coming right at you, and adorable puppies giving alarmingly realistic-looking kisses. What more can you even ask of the Internet? If you’re the type who’s ready to take rebellion to the next level, slap on that spiky belt you bought at Hot Topic and gear on up for a crazy time, courtesy of Reddit's r/SplitDepthGIFS.

"That sounds crazy," you say? "How could such mind-bending technology be possible?" you ask? "Do you even know how to make 3D GIFs?" you wonder? We knew you would. Yet we insist you scroll down like a boss and see it for yourself. Not only because we feel these crazy 3D pictures and split depth animated GIFs are something you've gotta see to believe, but also because we have no idea how such craziness is possible and have decided to artfully dodge your questions.

We can assure you, however, that the technology behind these super cool 3D GIFs is quite possibly super complicated - but in a totally rebellious, non-nerdy way. So pick up that mouse and scroll on down for a wild time. Because nothing says anarchy like a kitten batting it’s paw at the camera in 3D.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY

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