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5 Most Desirable Abilities in Anime

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Sure anime is purely fantasy, and sometimes just absurd, but what it does give us is an escape; an escape to a world unbounded by the limitations of our current one. These ingenious, fictitious worlds are crafted with heroines who wield unique superpowers that leave viewers in awe with excitement and a strong craving imagination to desire those powers in the real world. Unlikely, at least in this world. But we can still dream, so without further ado, here are the top 5 most desirable abilities in anime.
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    Solar Hands (Yakitate!! Japan)

    With this power, there will be no killing in the near f*ture, well…maybe if one is so inclined to heat up pastry dough and fireball it towards the enemy. At any rate, that is not the purpose of solar hands. What this is handy for is simply baking, baking bread to be precise. One may not conquer the world, but one does have the ability to conquer his/her hunger. Satisfaction guaranteed.