New Years 5 MUST HAVE Accessories for New Year's Eve  

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Accessories for any New Years Eve party are just as important , if not MORE important, than your outfit. Accessories are the things that make the perfect outfit "pop", and they will for sure help you to get noticed in a crowd. They also make for perfect conversation starters. Like your mom telling you not to go out without a jacket, here are 5 things you cannot live without at a New Year's Ever party. Lock and load, ladies!
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No one's going to kiss you if you have a bad case of dragon breath. Plan for the worst while still enjoying your best friend's famous onion dip throughout the night. Pop these in before midnight and when talking closely with a guy. Offering some up to a guy can even be a good ice breaker.

Don't count on the alcohol killing all your gross mouth-germs, bring some kind of breath-freshener. Even gum. Ever see a girl gargle vodka like it's mouthwash? Yeah, that doesn't always work and it kinda makes you look gross. So bring breath-fresheners.

P.S. If you go in for a kiss and have bad breath, the person you are trying to kiss will always remember you as the person with bad breath. It's like farting in gym class for adults. Avoid this tragedy and don't. Be. That. Person. see more on Altoids
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Ladies, don't go anywhere you're supposed to be dressed to-the-nines without your lip gloss. Especially if you're going to be drinking. After that first glass if champagne you're going to be a mess, so you need to keep reapplying. Lip Gloss is a New Year's MUST to keep looking fresh as you start falling down everywhere and feeling oooooh, not so fresh. Maintain what dignity you can as you get sloshed and text your ex (EX-ting), ladies. Lip gloss!

(Gents, I cannot tell you how unattractive it is to see a guy with chapped lips, C'mon, we get all dressed up for you, so at the very least, put on some chapstick. Thanks!)

<---"Lip Gloss" by Lil' Mama. Fun and educational. see more on Lip Gloss


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If you're going party-hopping, to a big event or are going to one party at 8 and staying the night, you NEED a co-pilot. Don't count on meeting other people just as desperate as you are for that perfect NYE kiss, count on the worst and plan for the best. Getting one wing woman/man on your team for the trip into the new decade is insanely important, as it is insurance that you will have fun that night. No matter what. Friends = insurance...and good quality time, bonding, blah blah blah.


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Whether it is a sparkly dress, a sparkly barrette, a blingy ring, a sparkly clutch or a blinged out broach, make sure at least ONE part of your outfit has some form of this New Years bling. Of course, it can (and will probably) be fake, but who cares. Bling is bling!

<---These gals know that no bling = b-o-r-i-n-g!