Autumn 5 Reasons That Make It OK to Get Wasted on Thanksgiving  

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Thanksgiving is for giving thanks, yes. But more importantly for those of us in the over 21 set, it is a chance to get slightly hammered with mom and dad. And uncle. And cousin. And cousin's friend from college with nice abs. And his children. The following are reasons one might want to get drunk with whomever they are with on Turkey Day, good and bad.

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I know that is a picture of a live turkey. Just breathe. There was nothing else to choose from (and I like rubbing this in your faces).

Upon arrival at the Thanksgiving dinner house/hostel/apartment/hotel room/restaurant, the first thing one usually does is open a nice dark brewski or wine bottle and chill out by the appetizers.

Then comes the turkey. And now that you have a good buzz on, it does not matter how much you consume. Yes, drinking will help you health conscious people consume mass quantities of turkey and ALL of its completely necessary accompaniments. Not only that, but while a sober person may consume one or two pieces of pumpkin, berry, apple or (gasp!) pecan pie, a hammered person may consume three to five.

And guys, trust me, you will not weigh five pounds more the next day. THAT is physically impossible. Also, think of all the times you have gone to go get fast food while drunk. This is the same sitch, but the food at the end of the drunken tunnel is more gourmet.

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You know that really religious mother-in-law's sister's cousin? Drinking will make conversations with him/her all the more interesting. All the talk about the pastor's homily can sometimes be a bit draining to even listen to. You probably haven't seen these relatives for a bout a year (or maybe more). I get it. Humor them. Even if you yourself are a bit religious but find yourself wanting to go talk to a cousin you haven't seen since they were born 20 years ago. And if things get awkward you can always make a completely inappropriate joke which you can ultimately blame on being a little tipsy.

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What is it about this holiday that makes relatives you haven't seen since you were in diapers want to all of a sudden talk to you about Politics?

What, because I am over 18 now and went to college means I am all of a sudden a political genius? Puh, I wish! Give me a Beer, then we'll talk about it. see more on Politics

80's Karaoke

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The only way I would ever do Karaoke. Drunk and with family. As far as they are concerned, they have to love you, so this is completely safe territory for the Karaoke shy. It always comes up on holidays after a good game of charades and REAL egg nog.