5 Things You Should Know About Brian Kendrick 

Erik Barnes
Updated May 25, 2017 5 items

He's a seasoned veteran that is making other cruiserweights pay on 205 Live. He's the "Man With a Plan." He's the Brian Kendrick. While plenty of older viewers are aware of Brian "Spanky" Kendrick's past, many fresher fans don't know much about this talented performer. Strap into your seats and get your brain hungry. Here are five snacky-cake things you should know about Brian Kendrick!

He Was On The Price Is Right
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Between stints in WWE, Kendrick got on TV again, but this time as a contestant on The Price Is Right. Featured on the March 11, 2011 episode of the show, he won a popcorn machine that was priced at over $3,000. Sadly, he was eliminated from the show after losing the "Secret X" game, but at least he can now eat popcorn worth over three grand.

He's A Conspiracy Theorist
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If you ask Brian Kendrick for an opinion, take a seat because he'll have a lot to say. Kendrick has some... well, let's call them "interesting" takes on Area 51, the Illumnati, and 9/11. In fact, Kendrick believes a microwave ray was used to obliterate the Twin Towers (the buildings, not these guys). Whether Kendrick actually believes these conspiracies or if it is work for the fans is known only to him, and a conspiracy in itself.

His Favorite Wrestler Is Koko B. Ware
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Kendrick has a list of favorite wrestlers. One is Shawn Michaels, which makes sense given that Kendrick went on to train at his school. Another was the Ultimate Warrior, understandable since Kendrick was a child of the 1980s and 1990s when Warrior was at his highest popularity. But among the usual suspects, he has an odd favorite wrestler: Koko B. Ware.

While there is something appealing about his hair and Frankie the Parrot, Koko isn't really considered anyone's favorite wrestler, even in the top three. However, the head-bopping and arm-flapping motions that both Koko and Kendrick use in their entrances might indicate a subtle tribute from Kendrick to the Bird Man.

Trained Alongside Daniel Bryan
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The careers of Daniel Bryan and Brian Kendrick are forever intertwined. Both men got their initial training from Shawn Michaels' wrestling school, later from William Regal. They have wrestled each other many times in their careers, suggesting their destinies are intertwined in a way. Without one motivating the other, there is no telling if viewers would ever see either one of them in a WWE ring, much less as champions.