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Five Things You Should Know About Randy Orton

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They call him "The Viper." He hears voices in his head. He's Randy Orton!

While Orton has been a veteran staple in WWE for over a decade, there are some cake-sized nuggets of trivia newer fans don't know about "The Apex Predator." Did you know he and CM Punk had something in common (aside from tattoos)? Did you know how young he was when he won his first world championship?

Take a breather and freshen up with these five things you should know about Randy Orton.

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    WWE's Youngest World Champion

    Photo: WWE

    At SummerSlam in 2004, Orton accomplished something that won't be matched any time soon: he defeated Chris Benoit for the World Heavyweight Championship at the ripe, young age of 24. That night, Orton became the youngest world champion in WWE's history and will likely keep that record for decades to come.

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    He Was A Referee

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    When many wrestlers get their start, they end up "paying their dues" as they train by helping set-up and run shows for local promotions. Many times, young wrestlers help set up the ring, tear tickets, or set up chairs to prep for the show. To pay his dues, young Randy served as a referee for matches at World Organized Wrestling when he first started. His tenure as a ref was short-lived, as he would sign a developmental deal with WWE a few short months after his striped debut.

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    He Served Prison Time For Going AWOL

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    In what seems like a lifetime ago, young Randy served the U.S. military as a member of the United States Marine Corps. Sadly, both Randy and his superior officers didn't think much of each other. In 1999, Orton was dishonorably discharged and served 38 days in prison for going AWOL twice and disobeying a commanding officer. He would shortly get a WWE developmental contract months later.

    This black mark on his record would come back to bite Orton years later. In 2012, he was pulled from starring in the WWE film, The Marine 3, due to backlash from actual marines. Despite this hiccup, Orton would star in other WWE films such as 12 Rounds 2 and The Condemned 2.

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    He Had CM Punk's Theme Song

    Photo: WWE / YouTube

    Check out the video above. No, it's not an edit. Even Michael Cole referenced Orton's new theme.

    Before he heard "Voices" in his head, Orton was given "This Fire Burns" by Killswitch Engage as his entrance theme. It would only be used briefly, as Orton didn't think it suited him or his character. The song would be recycled and given to CM Punk. However, Punk would later ditch the tune for "Cult of Personality" by Living Colour.