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The Most Haunted Places In Each State

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All over the United States, there are haunted houses, abandoned asylums, and sinister spots that are crawling with devious spirits and ominous folklore. For a paranormal junkie, these are the perfect locations for to get their fix for ethereal thrills and chills. America is a vast stretch of both land, and ghastly activity. No matter where one ends up, they're destined to run into some sort of otherworldly entity. Each state has their landmark spots for ghost hunting and spook seeking, and Redditors take to the forums to talk about the best places for people to bring their Ouija boards. 

  • From Redditor /u/ThatAsianLatinaGirl:

    The LaLaurie Mansion

    A few years ago, I was going through a rough patch financially and was looking for just about any job that would pay decent and had flexible hours. I use to work as a housekeeper and quite honestly was something I was hoping would come up as a job opportunity. At that time I was living in Vacherie Louisiana which was kind of far from all the major hussle and bussle that Louisiana has to offer. Lucky for me, a friend of mine told me about a small housekeeping job her boss had mentioned. They were looking for someone to come in 2 times a week to clean the first and second floors of this house that was located downtown New Orleans. To fast forward things a bit, I ended up going down to the place, HUGE beautiful French home literally in the heart of NOLA and got the job. The first day was vanilla.. nothing but work you know? I did what I was there to do and as I got ready to leave, I got a whiff of this horrible stench. Almost like burnt rotten meat.

    I thought to myself, “Sh*t did I forget to take out the trash?” So I ran to the kitchen and the smell faded. I kept checking but couldn’t find the source of the smell. After double checking everything I left. When I came back the day after, I was in the 2nd floor dusting the parlor area when I heard chains being dragged on the floor. At first it startled me and I just brushed it off as someone outside.. but then i heard it again and again. It definitely was coming from inside the house so I ran as fast as I could downstairs to tell the other housekeeper that somebody else could possibly inside.. (it was only the two of us there that day) she just looked at me and told me to mind my own business and keep working. That it was nothing! She was kind of a mean old lady but I shrugged it off and went back upstairs.. again out of nowhere that putrid stench of burnt rotten meat filled the air. It was very annoying because just like that it randomly came and went.. somedays you’d smell it downstairs, others upstairs. Later on that day while I was using the restroom, I heard this huge commotion upstairs on the 3rd floor.. what sounded like a young girl screaming and a woman chasing after her to “Get in here!” I literally was like wtf??? I opened the door and heard running upstairs and then it stopped.

    The yelling, the screaming, everything. I went back downstairs and at this point I was frustrated and told the other housekeeper what I had just heard. She looked at me and she says “you never hear anything ok? It’s best if you just go on as if you don’t notice a thing”.. thing is she always assured me there was no one there. That we were fine. Needless to say, while I worked at that house A WHOLE MONTH because that’s how long I could take .. I had heard repetition of the same yelling, screaming, and chasing.. other days I’d hear chains dragging and dropping on the floor.. but the thing that did it for me was when I was taking my lunch break on the 2nd floor and heard a sudden cry of agony and despair followed by the sound of chains that seemed to be coming from the 3rd floor. I panicked thinking someone was hurt and needed help so as soon as I was getting up to go get help I see a tall dark man with chains around his neck and just like that i ran out of that house as quick as possible. I never even told the person that hired me that i had no intentions of returning I just stopped showing up.

    As rude as that seems I could care less I just wanted nothing to do with that place. Anyway it wasn’t until 4 years later when i had long moved away from Louisiana, that I had returned to New Orleans with my boyfriend on vacation.. we decided to do one of their spooky history tours and I tell you when I seen that familiar building my heart sank. Anxiety was building up inside me as the tour guide told the story of the building I once use to work at.. and the horrible tragic malicious things that happened there. I felt sick to my stomach that I begged my boyfriend and I to go back to the hotel.. when I worked at the infamous LaLaurie Mansion i never knew that history heck I hadn’t ever heard of it. But after the tour facts and doing my own research everything I experienced there made sense.. it still gives me goosebumps to this day remembering that day I heard madame LaLaurie chasing after what could have been a slave girl upstairs in the 3rd floor. I’m almost positive it was her. Also I will add that, the stench of rotten burnt meat, could have been the spirits of the many slaves that died tortured by the hands of that evil woman.

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  • From Redditor /u/westernflr:

    I have had a few different experiences in Alaska. Especially in some of the villages of the west there is often an eerie feeling of watchfulness. Some of the native stories will make your blood run cold. The most personal experience I had occurred 1.5 months ago. My family and I were hiking a local trail. We had gone about 100 yards, when suddenly my daughter would go no further. She cowered and kept looking to our right flank in the bushes. Our dog halted and began to backtrack to the trailhead. My sons immediately stood still. About the time my wife and I look at each other we are hit with the worst sense of dread and evil I've ever felt. It felt as if an attack was imminent. Then the smell hit. The only smell I could compare it to was when I recovered a body for the first time, but 100 times worse. My hand strayed to my gun, but I already knew that this wasn't a physical threat. I began to pray, and it cleared up in about 30 seconds. The birds started singing again.

    It happened twice more along the trail, and only stopped when I prayed. I also told whatever it was to not follow us anymore. Freaky stuff.

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  • From Redditor /u/TheOddSenses:


    Our friend Jason had brought us down there. He's actually camped out overnight in town, and he's a veteran of exploring Dudleytown. On the hike in he had told us a few stories of his experiences over the years. Now as they are stories from a 3rd party, I cannot corroborate any of the stories but I would tend to believe Jason, possibly with slight exaggeration. One of the stories he had told us was about the first and last time he camped out overnight. He and two of his friends had setup a tent in the foundation of an old house. While they were laying in the tent getting ready to go to sleep, they all had heard what sounded like someone wearing boots, walking across a wooden floor. It only lasted for a couple of seconds but it had freaked everyone out enough that they weren't able to fall asleep. He had explained that at this point they were all very exhausted, all though couldn't sleep so perhaps the exhaustion played a part in their experiences but the fact that every experienced the same events make it hard to blame the exhaustion. After the footsteps, everyone sat up in the tent and began to talk about what they had heard and were all a bit shocked. Jason had decided to light up a cigarette a minute or so after the footsteps, however it refused to stay lit.

    He would light it, take a puff, and then it would go out seconds later. He had began to get frustrated with it and threw the cigarette out of the tent. He checked his watch and decided that maybe it was a good idea to try to sleep again. When he'd checked his watch it was about 1:33AM and they had to be up by 5AM, they needed to pack up and leave before sunrise in case any police came through to patrol. Everyone talked for a minute and tried to fall asleep again. They all laid down and tried to sleep. Everyone had tossed and turned and none of them were able to stay comfortable. They all had complained about the sensation that their skin was crawling, they had all experienced sudden hot flashes and all night they'd felt as though someone was watching them. Jason had finally sat up and decided he just wasn't going to be able to sleep. He pulled out his phone to text his girlfriend and noticed his phone had said that it was 1:35AM. They were all far beyond confused. They felt as though they'd been tossing and turning in their sleeping bags for at least a half hour, but it had only been a couple of minutes.

    For the next hour or so they sat in their tent smoking cigarette's and having random conversations. However their camping trip was turned upside down when at around 3:20AM they heard a loud crunching of leaves coming from the forest next to them. The footsteps had come out of nowhere. They didn't hear the footsteps start farther away and come closer, they just started seemed to start out of nowhere, at most 30 or 40 feet from the tent. They had though maybe it was a bear or a deer, but the footsteps were abnormal. Jason had described it to me as though someone would take 2 quick steps, and then stop for a second or 2, and then take another 2 steps, stop for a second or 2 and then take 2 more quick steps. Almost as though someone was leaping from one point to another. Everyone in the tent began to panic, everyone had a weapon of some kind in their hand and sat there frozen while the footsteps circled the tree's outside of the tent. The footsteps stopped after a minute, but they didn't seem to walk away from the tent, they just stopped. They began to panic that maybe someone was outside watching them from the trees.

    Jason's friend had yelled out something like "Is somebody out there?" to which there was no response. After a few minutes they decided they should check. Jason grabbed his flashlight and so did the others. They slowly opened the tent shining as much light outside as they could. They pointed their flashlights towards where the sounds were coming from but nothing was there. They kept the lights on the trees for a while when they heard a very deep, very guttural, very raspy growl from the trees behind them. They spun around, flashed the lights and behind them was a rather open section of the town, the nearest tree line was about 100 feet away and they saw nothing in the openness. At that point they decided it was time to leave. They grabbed their valuables but actually left the tent as they were too freaked out to bother packing up a tent they spent $40 on a Wal-Mart the day before they went out to the town. Jason had told us that the hike back was nerve-wracking. The entire 10 minute hike out of town they felt as though they were being watched and something was trying to push them out of town. Once they had gotten out of Dudleytown limits their anxiety and hotflashes, cold sweats and feelings of being watched melted away.

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  • From Redditor /u/lizahotham:

    The Sallie House

    Of you've never heard of it, the Sallie House is a notorious haunted house in Kansas, and has been called one of the most haunted houses in the US. Google it if you would like the full story, it's very interesting.

    My friends (Tommy, Capp, Pat) and I (23) rented the house last year, and decided to investigate it. We used to do these types of things in high school, and I have always been very sensitive to energies and spirits in general. The house is haunted by a little girl named Sallie, however there is no record, since being built, of any girl named Sallie dying in the home. Sallie particularly doesn't like men, and many men experience visible scratches.

    My friends and I got into the house around midnight. As soon as you enter the home, you just get this weird feeling of being watched. The house has an upstairs with 3 bedrooms, the first floor has a living room, dining room, and kitchen.

    We were standing in the dining room, talking about our plan, and all of a sudden Capp and I heard what sounded like a little girl humming. It wasn't the fridge, or a mechanical noise, it sounded very human, and like a little girl. I called the other guys, but as soon as I said something it stopped. We then heard someone walk across the floor upstairs, like heavy men's bootsteps. The footsteps would continue all night, anytime we were on the first floor.

    We decided to go upstairs, I was in the middle, Pat was last. Both Pat and I heard what sounded like someone whisper "HEY" loudly in our ear. None of the others heard it, and it definitely shook up up.

    As soon as we got to the top of the stairs, it felt like none of us could breathe. It felt like something sitting on all our chest, and you could hear all of us breathing heavily. Anytime any of us went upstairs, it felt heavy and very hard to breathe.

    We sat in the little girls room (kids bed, lots of teddy bears.) Tommy and Pat were sitting on the bed, Capp and I were sitting on the floor in the corners. Tommy jumped up and yelled at Pat to "quit touching him," but Pat hadn't been moving at all, I had been looking at both of them. Tommy said it felt like there was someone tickling his sides, and he thought Pat was messing with him. We then heard a thump, and Capp and I saw a dark shadow walk across the doorway of the room across the hall. We both ran over there, but there was no one there. We then heard a very loud THUMP, like someone dropped something heavy on the floor in the 3rd bedroom. We ran over there, again nothing was on the floor or happened.

    There was plenty of other experiences. We would hear someone having a conversation in other rooms, but couldn't make it out. It just sounded like someone muttering. Every voice was a man, except the little girl humming. The shadows we would see moving we're all very tall.

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