The 51 Best Pictures of Kim Jong-Un Looking at Things

Certain things will always be passed from father to son: grooming tips, love of sports, preference for the ladies, tips on how to tie a tie, and, in the case of dear leader Kim Jong-Il to his son and protege Kim Jong-Un, a great passion for looking at things. What things you ask? Just about any thing they can lay their eyes on. From meats to guns to apparel, the men of North Korea's ruling family love to look at stuff.

It started with a popular Tumblr (Kim Jong-Il Looking At Things) of Kim Jong-Il gazing at assorted objects, a tradition passed to his son with great reward. Even before his death in 2011 (which prompted the internet to have amazing reactions to Kim Jong-Il's death), father was teaching son the bliss of looking at things, and the new wave of Kim Jong-Un looking at things is particularly breathtaking, even inspiring a Tumblr page (Kim Jong-Un Looking at Things) just like Daddy's.

To clarify: these are not crazy, rich people things Kim Jong-Un looks at (although there were some crazy cool things Kim Jong-Il owned); they are everyday objects put in front of him for observation and/or approval. Perhaps as a show that he's just a guy like his subjects (though one that wants for considerably less), Kim Jong-Un is constantly presented with random crap to look at. This gallery of funny pictures of Kim Jong-Un looking at things is a round-up of all the best photos of Kim Jong-Un looking at stuff. Maybe there are some things on this list that you've looked at, you Kingly bastard, you...