Total Nerd 6 Best Kevin Smith Moments at Comic-Con  

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Kevin Smith, director of "Clerks" and "Clerks 2" is mad royalty at Comic Con. Probably because he is one of the few filmmakers that knows his place in the space. Unlike other comic geeks like Tarantino and Rodriguez, he embraces his crowd and attends nearly every year. It's the best panel but even if you are at Comic Con it's tough to get in the room. For all those who were too busy checking out the cosplay girls or who were just over standing in line and waiting for days here are the 6 best moments of Kevin Smith at Comic Con, all caught on tape.

I'll Get Around To It, Right After...

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Kevin Smith proves that he's no man to take an insult lightly, and completely slaughters the guy with the "balls" (or, man-t**s) to throw a jab at him in his question. The guy obviously went in with a vengeance by asking Smith whether he'd ever consider making movies with characters that doesn't suck. Kevin gives the professional response, of course. At first. Until he promises to start making good movies right after (and I quote): "I take my cock out of your mother's ass." Hm, I guess it's casual Friday today at the office?

Kevin keeps the backlash insults going as the just-got-owned dude walks around from the mic throwing a peace sign. Smith pretty much covered every insult he could make on the man. He got him on his weight, his sex life, and his idiocy. The guy's a comedic genius.

You Can Feel The Room Get Moist

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Kevin Smith does the unthinkable in this clip and actually defends the "Twilight" series to a room full of angry conventioneers. It wouldn't be a Kevin Smith rant though, without a sexual purpose. And oh does he lay out the purpose in this one. At 0:19, he argues against passing judgment on "those 12-year-old girls who like vampires" because "in six years they will be 18-year-old girls who like vampires."

I see where you're headed you sick little smart bitched.

He goes on describing a clip of the Twilight film calling werewolf Jacob the "wolf-man" and vampire Edward the "fang-man."

His last point at 2:13 really hits his point home, though home's a real filthy place by now.

Why Aren't You Out Seeing the Fucking Movie?

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Kevin Smith gets stuck in traffic and doesn't make it to his "Clerks 2" Q&A speaking engagement at Comic-Con 2006. However, fans get the best of the situation when actress Rosario Dawson holds down the fort in his place. She's undeniably sweet, funny, and intelligent (though maybe not so much with the phone, but you can't say her efforts aren't endearing). After a fan from the audience asks her to call Kevin Smith and put him on speaker, Rosario Dawson abidingly gives him a ring. The crowd erupts with excitement around 3:00 mark when Kevin Smith speaks to them through the phone. The attendees seemed to be appeased, and maybe they shouldn't take it too bad. I mean, they got to stare at a hot girl on stage while listening to Kevin Smith cuss and crack jokes about Joe Segal. What more could a fan geek ask for?

He's So Adorable

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Welcome to the weed confessional of Kevin Smith. In this clip he claims it's a horrible newfound habit of his, but through it, he's finally discovered the reason why Clerks really resonated with fans the way it does. Basically, he's saying we're all weed smokers. Or at least have the same mindset of those who "wake and bake." The characters with their non-threatening nature and lovable personalities create the perfect climate for peace-loving folks to feel acceptance. Or it could also really be the "Nainnng!" ending after misogynist remarks that Smith refers to at 1:43 that really made the movie a hit.