A Teacher Asked 6-Year-Olds To Pitch New Movie Ideas And The Answers Were Hilariously Impressive

When teacher and Twitter user, @GeorgePointon_, shared a recent conversation with a group of 6-year-olds, it quickly went viral on Twitter. He asked the group of earnest children to pitch him a new movie idea, and the imaginative, creative, and hilarious answers that flowed out of these 6-year-olds definitely showcases that the kids are alright. Enjoy the brilliant Hollywood business pitches below.

  • The Teacher Kicks Off The Thread With What The Assignment Prompt Was For The 6-Year-Olds


  • 'Burger Monster' By Rory


  • 'World War 100' By JJ


  • 'Skateboard Wheels' By Jake


  • 'Money Cannon' By Ravi


  • 'Lola Buys A Car' By Lola