Halloween 9 Dead Bodies Actually Used as Halloween Decorations  

Danielle Dauenhauer
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That moment when you realize the "fake" body at a haunted house is real? Awesome. Until, that is, you realize it's not a real person playing dead, but a real person that is dead. This is the stuff psychiatrists live for, and it is all embodied (disembodied?) in this list of dead bodies mistaken for Halloween props.

Real dead body Halloween decorations are for the macabre and certainly something to avoid for the faint at heart. This list of overly creepy Halloween decorations is equal parts frightening and contemptible, but it's 100% messed up. These are real dead people that ended up mistaken as- or purposely used for- the purposes of making a spooky night seem more authentic. 

Three Teenage Boys Accidentally Hang Themselves

William Anthony Odem, Caleb Rebh, and Brian Jewell were just trying to make some kids cry from fright. The tears came, but not from the patrons of the haunted attractions employing the three.

In October of 1990, Jewell, 17, was working as part of a Haunted Hayride attraction in Lakewood, NJ when he decided to up the scare factor for patrons of the park. As part of his portrayal of a hanging victim, he was meant to stand on the gallows at the Hangman's Scene and recite a chilling speech to the carts that came by as part of the ride. Sometime during the night, the noose that was supposed to hang limply around his neck became cinched and choked the young man to death. He was discovered by a tractorful of patrons, dead, standing on the deck of the gallows.
Six days later, in North Carolina, 15-year-old Odem was working with friends in his aunt's home to construct a haunted house in the basement. Among the fake spider webs, cauldrons, and other Halloween milieu was a noose, meant to be strictly decorative. When Odem playfully slipped the noose over his own neck, it tightened and killed the boy.

Over a decade later in Sparta, MI, 14-year-old Rebh ended up in a scene that the Universe had worked very hard to keep him away from. Earlier in the day, his mother, Kathy, had taken the boy to a local horse farm to see about a job at a haunted hayride. The proprietor said he had filled all the positions and tried to turn the boy away. He begged both the man and his mother to stay, stating he would work for free. The two relented and he was placed in a coffin display and told to scare patrons. 
Not satisfied with his performance at the coffin, he offered to switch with another worker whose display involved a plastic skeleton hanging from a noose slung over a small tree. In an attempt to be scarier, Rebh took the place of the skeleton in the tree, causing it to snap back suddenly and cinch the noose around his neck. A group of patrons went by as he was struggling to free himself, but took the display for a good show of acting, watching as his body went limp in the noose.


Corpse Halloween Decoration Hanging From a Fence Turns Out to Actually Be a Dead Woman

Ohio residents were alarmed to find out that what they presumed to be a corpse-like Halloween decoration hanging from a fence turned out to be an actual dead person. Police are currently investigating Donnie Cochenoeur for the murder of 31-year-old Rebecca Cade, a local drunk beloved by the town. A bloody rock was found near the body, and is presently thought to be the murder weapon.  


A local construction worker actually told his daughter that the body was a dummy while driving by, only to find out hours later that it was, in fact, a dead woman.  


Dead Body Prop on Porch is Actual Dead Guy

On a Monday in 2009, Mostafa Mahmoud Zayed's neighbors thought he had gone all out with his Halloween decorations for the year, going so far as to put a slumped over, sinister-looking dummy on his porch to frighten his neighbors.

For days neighbors and guests marveled at the authenticity of the prop, though no one rang Mr. Zayed's doorbell to ask where he'd purchased the dummy.
On Thursday, someone in the 75-year-old's Marina Del Rey, CA complex suspected something was amiss with the prop and called the police, who discovered it was not a fake body but Zayed's corpse on the porch, gradually decomposing for almost four days after a single gunshot wound to the eye ended the man's life. 
The lifeless corpse had been looking over the complex for days without anyone noticing that it was not a decoration but the body of their former neighbor.

Dozens Drive By Actual Dead Woman in Tree

In Frederica, DE, a 42-year-old woman hung from a tree, simultaneously frightening and impressing passers by for hours before it was discovered the "lifelike" corpse hanging from the tree had actually been void of life since that morning.

On October 26th, 2005, an unidentified woman climbed a tree a quarter mile from her home and jumped from a tall branch in an apparent suicide. Because of the proximity to Halloween, all that drove by the display assumed it to be a clever display for the public and failed to report the body until much later in the morning.