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7 Glaring Reasons Why Mario is a Dick

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We've all played as him and we've all seen him as a hero, but have we all identified with him? Most likely not. Why? Because he's a f*cking dick. When you think about it, Mario is evil. Face it: he's a bad guy. It's the simple truth. Here are seven reasons why Mario is one of the most self-centered, inconsiderate, egotistical assh*les in video game history. Yet we all still love him for it. This list is about calling Mario on his sh*t. Enjoy. Why is Mario a dick? These are seven of the most glaring reasons why. Hopefully, you don't stoop to his level.

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    He Abandons His Friends

    Video: YouTube

    With absolute reckless abandon, Mario constantly throws his friends under the bus (and sometimes literally -- Mario Kart, anyone?).

    The biggest and most shining example, other than not giving Toad any credit, is how he treats Yoshi. Yoshi is easily one of the most altruistic, selfless and heroic characters in video game history. He and his people hatch out of eggs and from birth decide to help out a plumber hired to save the people of their kingdom. When the dinosaurs of the Yoshi clan eat certain enemies or evildoers, they get the power to fly or spit fire. WHY ARE THESE ANIMALS DISPOSABLE? This is an amazing skill, and a wonderous, giving animal that should be treasured, preserved and kept safe, fed well and treated like a king.

    Instead, Mario treats them like most of us do laundry pennies. The attached video illustrates the point perfectly.

    What the hell? Why is this necessary? You can't climb? You can't just get a running start, or maybe go somewhere to eat the right enemies so that you and your brave, loyal friend can both make it to save your girlfriend? No. Apparently this is too hard for Mario. He's the kind of guy that feels he has to resort to launching his poor unsuspecting friend into what we can only imagine is a limitless chasm filled with a death just long enough to realize that someone you trusted has betrayed you. This will be Yoshi's last thought. Every time Mario uses him to get a extra 3 feet of air. Every. F*cking. Time.

    But, to be fair, we've all tried to make impossible jumps before

    Also, why the hell does he bring Luigi on the journeys and not Toad? Nepotism, that's f*ucking why. Toad did better than butter-shoes Luigi in Super Mario Bros. 2. Toad always beats him to the castle. Always. If Toad has prior knowledge of not only the Princess's location, but was able to get to that part of the castle BEFORE Mario, then why the hell do they even need Mario? Toad's stealth skills could save the Princess and all would be well. Mario just kills everything and is much more a blunt object. If this is the case, then you really have to admit that Mario is the Superman of the Mushroom Kingdom, because he uses his speed, strength and power to save the day. But do we really need that? No. What does the Mushroom Kingdom really need? A Batman. And with his stealth, familiarity within the kingdom and protective head gear, Toad is basically the Batman of the Mushroom Kingdom. I say, leave the plumber alone and let Toad do what he does best: creepily get everywhere before everyone else and somehow know where everyone already is.

    That's probably why he's always flipping Mario off, too. Because he not only beat him to it, but he refuses to help because Mario doesn't acknowledge him.

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    Tries to Kill a Baby Gorilla for Trying to Save His Own Father

    Mario's animal cruelty is unrivaled in video games; but no animal in his path gets it worse than Donkey Kong Junior (except maybe Yoshi).

    So, when Donkey Kong Senior, father of Donkey Kong Junior (who grows up to be the Donkey Kong we all currently know and love -- and yes, this is true, trust me), gets captured by Mario after the first Donkey Kong arcade game (this was back when Mario still went by the name Jumpman), his son comes to his rescue. This is the premise of Donkey Kong Junior for the arcade, Colecovision later the NES console.

    This commercial depicts Mario as he really is. An evil puppetmaster of lies.

    So when you watch this, and when you watch some Donkey Kong Junior game footage, you realize that Mario, throughout this entire game, is actually whipping the animals that he sends after this poor, innocent ape just trying to save what is apparently the only family he has left. Mario, though, is on a power trip from when Donkey Kong kidnapped Pauline, the most popular Guidette in video game history, Mario's first girlfriend and the girl he's trying to save in the original Donkey Kong arcade game. I can kind of understand where he's coming from.

    I mean, look at her. She's pretty slammin', as far as Mario's girlfriends go.

    (He really should've locked that down...)

    So, after losing this fine piece of, what is obviously "Jersey", ass, Mario decides that it's important to not only keep Donkey Kong in captivity forever, but to actually kill (instead of imprison) the adorable son that tries to rescue his father.

    "No prisoners": that's the kind of man Mario is. He has absolutely no respect for due process.

    And to top it all off he whips the animals that work for him...

    What an absolute piece of sh*t. He's not only making it so that this young ape has to die just because the ape doesn't want to live/be raised alone, but he sends out slave labor. And this slave labor is treated as poorly as it possibly can. From alligators, to birds with abnormally large beaks, to vultures, he whips every single animal he can get his gloved hands on. But not only that, he dangles fruit just out of their reach, torturing them, letting them know who's in charge (he is).

    Despite the other counts of animal cruelty that Mario enjoys on a regular basis, this is probably the worst of it all.

    Poor Donkey Kong Junior. He probably never saw it comin'.

    I mean, he even looks evil...

    ... He even has a curled mustache like a 40's cartoon villain. I'm surprised he didn't just tie Donkey Kong Senior to the nearest train tracks.
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    Invites His Friends' Enemies to His Parties

    The Mario Party 1 - 8 are party games meant for two or more players that involve Mario inviting all his friends over to play party games. This seems simple enough, and these games are actually kind of a cool thing to do with your friends. It's like Mario and his friends' "game night".

    There are also a barrage of characters you can't usually play, such as Luigi (as discussed later in this list), Peach (who, for the amount of times she's been captured, shouldn't even have use of her arms by now) and Toad (who is the most qualified hero in the Mushroom Kingdom, according to previous items). And you can also play as characters like Bowser, Boo, Shy Guy, Hammer Brothers and more...

    Wait, what? Really?

    Mario invites those guys to their game night? He invites people who have not only hurt, kidnapped and tried to kill the other party goers, but people who are essentially known terrorists? I, for one, don't even invite my friends' ex-girlfriends to parties I know they're going to be at, let alone sworn enemies, or people who have traumatized them for life.

    It's not only a huge dick move, but it goes to show just how insensitive Mario really is. He's a self-serving, egotistical, sociopath for inviting all of these people to the same party.

    "Let's play Charades!"

    Also, what kind of dick stays friends with these guys? It's not like they went to jail together. HE's the one who brings them to justice. What's he even doing talking to these people?

    Who wants to play a game of bubble popping or "shake the can" with someone who's stretched the limits of the amount of fear you can feel as a person and who's scarred you for life? Nobody, that's who. And Mario doesn't give a f*ck.

    And to really nail in the point, there's an annoying announcer/moderator hired? This is like the person who gets their birthday party catered. It's all about status. Who the hell needs more than some simple hors d'oeuvres? Mario's that kind of guy.

    F*ck Mario for this.
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    Makes His Brother Come with Him to Save HIS Girlfriend

    Have you ever had an errand you needed to run? A really important, life-or-death errand that you had to deal with that you were not only responsible for, but would endanger other people's lives? Mario has. He does all the time for some reason (most likely because of his high-maintenance girlfriend). And when he does, he brings his brother AND treats him like a second-class citizen the entire time.

    You know all those power-ups that make a person stronger, more powerful and that increase their ability to survive in the life or death situations that are scattered around the Mushroom Kingdom? Mario gets first dibs. Not ONCE has Luigi ever been given the Player 1 spot. Only in his own games, but that's basically like saying that sure, your brother never gets served first at dinner at your house, but he always eats first when he's alone!

    That not only doesn't cater to having a healthy fraternal relationship, but it means that Mario is an entitled egotist who thinks the world revolves not only around him (because that would be too humble for Mario), but it revolves around his problems.

    If I were Luigi, this is probably how I would handle the situation

    And to top it all off, at the end of the day, Luigi doesn't even get to reap the fruits of their labor. Mario gets a kiss and Luigi never gets a thank you. So not only is Luigi being dragged along for something that shouldn't even be his problem, he's being dragged along for a thankless, life-threatening deed. Luigi, therefore, is the greatest hero of the Mario franchise.

    Also, when have you ever seen Princess Peach thank Luigi? Exactly. She's a C-bag too.

    These two assbutts deserve each other.