super bowl Insane People Who Sold Their Bodies for Super Bowl Tickets  

Rachel Stewart

Everyone is always hustling to get their asses to the Super Bowl. Avid fans know they have to make some sacrifices and come prepared. But some people take acquisitioning their Super Bowl tickets just a little too far. From desperately posting offers to have sex with people, to selling strip club memberships, to using their pregnant bellies as collateral for a ticket, these resourceful individuals really have the resourcefulness to do what it takes to get to the Super Bowl.

Now, if only they could use all that creativity and plan ahead. Hopefully, you'll be able to score some tickets on your own so you won't have to resort to the measures that these people took in order to score tickets to the big game.

Who in their right mind would sell sex for Super Bowl tickets? Here is the list of seven crazy people who tried to do exactly that.

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Insane People Who Sold Their Bodies for Super Bowl Tickets