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7 Ways This $39 Coding Course Can Help Kickstart A Six-Figure Career

April 23, 2020 11.3k views7 items

Coders are always in demand. Here's your shot.

As a large chunk of the business world gets accustomed to working remotely, coders are sitting pretty. The beauty of coding is that all you need is a laptop and a WiFi connection, which makes working remotely a fairly simple transition. If you're looking for a career change, now might be the perfect time to give coding a try.

The good news is that an online training like the 2020 Premium Learn To Code Certification Bundle could be your ticket into this exciting world. This 10-course, 1,407-lesson bundle is a goldmine for prospective coders and only costs $39 to access. If you're thinking of giving it a try, here are just a few more reasons to push you over the edge.

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    Coding is where the money is at.

    With a median income of $85,000, going all the way up to $120,000, it's no secret that coding is a great way to make a living. Of course, coding takes time to master, but you can become a valuable coder quickly with one of the included courses in the bundle: The Complete 2020 Web Developer Project Bootcamp. By the time this course is complete, you'll have a portfolio of 15 websites, games, and mobile apps to show off as you get on your way to a lucrative career. 

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    You can bring an idea to life.

    Technology allows us to bring the ideas in your head to the entire world. In another one of the included courses, Build Responsive Real World Websites with HTML5 & CSS3, you'll learn all of the building blocks for optimizing your sites while using the latest web technologies that make websites pop. In seven easy steps, you'll be empowered to create a fully optimized and visually stunning website that brings your ideas to fruition. That's a skill every employer will appreciate. 

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    Full-stack web development is highly valuable across disciplines.

    Full-stack development is a universal skill set that can land you a wide variety of jobs, including in the IT sector. In The Complete Full-Stack JavaScript Course, you'll code projects using ReactJS, LoopbackJS, Redux, and Material-UI. Over 21 hours you'll be turned from JS newbie to a full-stack guru with career options. That's quite a bargain for the price of less than one day. 

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    You can create apps like the ones you love.

    If you love using apps every day, why not learn to create them yourself? This bundle includes many opportunities to use app creation technology. For example, Flutter is filled with pre-built wireframing widgets that bring you right up to speed in app development. Dart is a client-focused programmer's dream language. In just six hours you'll be able to spin up your own app and within weeks your portfolio will land you impressive gigs. This is a train you need to get on.