Horrible Things That Have Happened at 711

7-Eleven is truly one of the great equalizers in this world. Everyone, from lowly bike messengers to famous celebrities, has popped into the world’s most famous convenience store for a Slushee or some taquitos. But even hugely popular convenience stores have their downside. 7-11 stories take on every manner of crazy. From the expected armed robberies to crazy explosions, and even assaults with an axe, the bad things that happened at 7-Eleven will shock the Big Gulp out of your hands. You may never shop comfortably again after you read these 7-11 horror stories.

One of the biggest yikes factors that comes along with working at a 24-hour convenience store is that you know robberies are bound to happen. Most of the robberies that are included on this list end safely enough, but there are still some insane 7-11 deaths that have occurred in the middle of the store with very little reason. Even though some truly horrific things are on this list, there are still a few heroes on here that you can root for. Try to keep that in mind as your stroll down the aisle of the worst things that have ever happened in a 7-Eleven.

What horrible things have you witnessed while building the perfect nachos at a 7-Eleven? If you’ve got a story that tops anything on this list, we want to hear it.

  • 1

    Group of Friends Destroy a 7-11 With a Hammer

    In story that sounds like it's straight out of The Purge, a group of friends completely destroyed the inside of a Chicago 7-Eleven before brutally attacking a fellow public transit passenger with a hammer, giving them permanent vision loss. The six friends were arrested shortly afterwards. 
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    Man Kills Clerk and Sets the Body on Fire

    Man Kills Clerk and Sets the Body on Fire
    Photo: Wikimedia
    After Michael Russo was denied the purchase of alcohol without an ID, he flipped out and returned to the 7-Eleven just after three in the morning. He shot the 18-year-old clerk at point blank range before setting the boy on fire and burning down the store. 
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    20-Year-Old Rapes a Woman in 7-11 Parking Lot

    20-Year-Old Rapes a Woman in 7-11 Parking Lot
    Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY
    On New Year's Day 2016, a South Bend, Indiana man, who was already on the police's radar for a count of obstructing justice, robbed a 7-Eleven before raping the female clerk on duty and urinating in her mouth. The man turned himself in later that month. 
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    Pennsylvania 7-11 Robbed Again and Again

    The 7-Eleven in Abington, Pennsylvania just can't catch a break. In just a few weeks in early 2016, the store has been the site of two armed robberies. In the first, a clerk was shot by an assailant, and the second time a different robber made off with an unknown amount of money. 
  • 5

    Shooting Victim Dies Outside of 7-11

    A man who was shot through the torso in Anderson, California was dropped at a 7-Eleven parking lot by a mysterious green truck. Despite the efforts from good samaritans on the scene, the man died after being transported to a local hospital. 
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    Sword Wielding Maniac Arrested Outside 7-11

    Sword Wielding Maniac Arrested Outside 7-11
    Photo: flickr / CC0
    In Hamilton, Ontario, a 29-year-old man was arrested outside the convenience store for waving a large samurai sword around and screaming that he was going to hurt someone. Ontario should thank its lucky stars that the guy didn't have a Hanzo sword.