Weird Nature 72-Year-Old Woman Saves Her Home From Venomous Snake Infestation  

Mick Jacobs
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The next time you need a basilisk expelled from the Chamber of Secrets, give Oklahoma resident Mrs. Newby a call. Without the sword of Gryffindor, the 72-year-old Mrs. Newby killed an entire infestation of venomous snakes which made their home underneath her house. Rather than wallow and wait around for an exterminator, this spunky septuagenarian took matters into her own hands, and her efforts were not unnoticed. Her neighbor, Susan Thompson, took to Facebook to share Mrs. Newby's heroic feats, even posting a picture of the defeated serpents and the slayer herself. 

Like animal battles with unexpected winners, Mrs. Newby's victory over a group of copperheads comes as a surprise to those who don't know her. So people might write her win off as a fluke, as if she got lucky or went up against unaggressive snakes. But based on information from her family and neighbors, if Mrs. Newby went up against even the infamous serpent from the Garden of Eden, she probably would have prevented the fall of man.

The Snakes Gathered Underneath Her Home

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Photo: USFWSmidwest/Flickr

Mrs. Newby and her neighbor, Susan Thompson, discovered the snakes underneath Newby's home during an afternoon visit. Copperhead infestations happen on occasion, and when they do they present a great problem. Not only are these reptiles venomous, they also will bite, making them a threat that requires immediate action.

She Used Multiple Tools To Fight The Snakes

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Photo: Susan Thompson/Facebook

When Mrs. Newby decided to take on the reptilian menaces beneath her home, she came prepared. Armed with a shovel, a rake, and a shotgun, Newby decimated the snake infestation, killing 11 snakes in one day alone. While no one knows exactly what her killing methods were with the shovel and rake, no one denies their effectiveness, nor that Mrs. Newby did what Indiana Jones could never do.

She Killed A Diamondback Rattlesnake The Month Prior

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Photo: Clinton & Charles Robertson/Flickr

According to her family, Mrs. Newby also killed a diamondback rattlesnake the month prior, revealing her to be a possible descendent of St. George, or at least Billy the Exterminator.