basketball 8-Year-Old Basketball Star Makes It To Hollywood And Her Practice Videos Will Leave You Speechless  

Rebecca High

Jaliyah Manuel is an eight-year-old basketball player whose phenomenal practice videos went viral in 2016. She's been playing since she was four and has logged countless hours of fancy footwork, hand-eye coordination, strength and dribbling skills that she records and posts online.

On the court, she says, even though boys often look at her like she won't be able to play, she always proves them wrong. Jaliyah's mantra is that you don't have to be a boy to be a baller, "but it's important to stay humble and grounded."

She has the full support of her dad Jovan, who says he encourages his daughter to excel and inspire girls around the world.

Jaliyah's set to star in the Nick Cannon film She Ball in 2018, so check out her practice videos to get a glimpse of the greatness before she brings it to a theater near you.