Woman Asks Tinder For The Personal Data They Have About Her, Gets Back 800-Page Report

The Judith Duportail Tinder involves a horrible online dating experience, but rather than matching with a necrophile or Nickelback fan, she requested her Tinder information, which arrived as an 800-page Tinder report. The French journalist gawked at what she found in the company's stash, a variety intimate details of her life neatly organized into one document. In addition to gathering information you provide, Tinder collects personal data you delete, and streamlines it into in-depth reports to, in their words, get you the best match. If the online dating app knows everything about her, what do they know about the celebrities who use Tinder or anyone else? And for that matter, what do other social platforms also know about her?

Duportail's Tinder report proves the company logged information that likely never had anything to do with finding her a match. The company claims collecting information is necessary in order to help create the best possible match for clients, but remains hazy about what it does with users' personal data after the fact. However, the fact Tinder collects personal data doesn't set them apart from other websites and apps. Companies like Google and Facebook store your details as well, whether you use them for personalized advertising or not. And although you know your file exists, getting a company to give it up is almost as much a nightmare as the loss of your right to privacy.