Who Would Be In 'Stranger Things' If It Were Cast In The '80s?

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Vote up the actors you think would have been perfect for a fully '80s 'Stranger Things' series.

Dream casting is a strange and beautiful thing; imagining our favorite actors playing the most memorable roles from the best movies and TV shows is fan fiction in its simplest form. Dream casting Stranger Things with 1980s actors is one of the most appropriate kinds of fan fiction given that the show is already set in the Spielberg-ian '80s. It makes sense to take the cast that was mostly born in the '90s and 2000s and replace them with some of the best denim-rocking '80s actors

Stranger Things with actors and actresses from your favorite '80s movies isn't strange at all. Like a good mullet, a Stranger Things dream cast from the decade of hairpins, leg warmers, and hangouts like the Starcourt Mall is wacky, fun, and seems like a perfect idea until you look back at it years later. So let's dial things up to eleven and get ranking.