Hot Takes About Beloved '80s Childhood Movies That Might Singe Your Sweet Memories

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Looking back at beloved movies from your childhood doesn't always keep them in the same light they were in when you were young. Often they come off as much more dark and creepy – especially movies from the '80s. These observations made by fans might just change your thoughts on your favorite '80s films.

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    'Back To The Future' Needs Another Sequel, With Marty's Son Tom Holland

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    A Meta 'Gremlins' Screenplay Could Work

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    Something Is Missing In 'Raiders of the Lost Ark': College Committees

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    Find Someone Who Looks At You The Way Mark Hamill (But Not Frank Oz) Looks At Yoda

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    Pete Davidson Is Perfect 'Beetlejuice' Prequel Casting

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    'The Goonies' Has A Toddler Teaching Moment