The Best College Football Quarterbacks of the 1980s

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These are the best 80s College quarterbacks, ranked by user votes. This list of the top 80s college football quarterbacks probably won't surprise very many of you, especially the hardcore college football fans among you, but there was so much talent at the quarterback position in the 80s voting for a favorite might prove difficult. But, who is the greatest college QB of the 80s on this list stacked top to bottom phenomenal QB's? Vote up your favorites!

College football in the 80s had some of the greatest passers to ever play the game. From Steve to Troy Aikman, John Elway to Jim Harbaugh and beyond. The best 1980s quarterbacks certainly faced some stiff competition on their way to the record books.

Take a look at this list of the greatest college football QBs from the 1980s and vote up your favorites!
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