'80s Inspired Stranger Things Posters

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Prepare to find yourself falling into the upside down with this collection of '80s inspired Stranger Things promotional posters. One of the most appealing aspects of Stranger Things lies in its homages to classic tropes of the '80s. The group of ragtag misfits draws obvious inspiration from The Goonies, El's blonde wig references E.T.'s memorable disguise, and Barb's red curls provide a touch of Molly Ringwald, the ultimate '80s film icon. All these references, from the overt ones to the smaller Easter Eggs, showcase the Duffer brothers' love for the films of this era, and their '80s inspired Stranger Things posters reveal this adoration directly impacts the project itself.

Stranger Things posters inspired by the '80s pay homage to some of the decade's most influential films. As other independent artists also realized, Stranger Things mash ups make for awesome visuals, and Netflix clearly thinks so too. Not to mention, these posters only make you all the more excited for the second season to finally drop. Now, instead of pouring over Stranger Things theories and predictions to pass the time, you can drool over these cinematic Stranger Things promo posters.