The Best McDonald's Happy Meal Toys of the '80s

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McDonald's Happy Meal toys released between 1980 and 1989 only. Vote up the ones you wish you'd held on to or bought in the first place..

Ah, the '80s: an era remembered for absurd hair, even more absurd clothing, and some of the best music and movies the world has ever known. (Because who doesn't love a good SynthAxe solo?) As the era to unleash unto America's children the first McDonald's Happy Meals, the '80s were also a golden time for the golden arches. But as great a discovery as dipping fries in a milkshake might have been for those '80s kids, that was only part of the story,  because there was a toy with that Happy Meal. And not just any old toy, but '80s Happy Meal toys. Since the '80s has proven itself an outrageous decade full of wonders, '80s McDonald's Happy Meal toys are clearly boss. Check out some of the best '80s McDonald's toys, in all their small-parts-hazard glory.