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Things Every Kid Who Roller Skated in the '80s Remembers

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It was the '80s. You went to roller rinks. That's what kids your age did. The word tween did not exist yet. You were middle schoolers. You didn't have BFFs then. You had best friends - maybe seven or eight of them. Your parents drove you to the rink.  If you were lucky, they dropped you off.  

It was the era of "boy-girl" parties. You had just started to date, or you wished you were dating. You tried to be cool, and either you were or you weren't. Your time at the rink was filled with freedom or angst, depending on who you were. You flew around the rink and did roller skating tricks, or you held on to the railing and inched your way around, hoping not to bite it. There was so much going on: the music, the lights, the smells, the feelings. It was all so specific. It was all so 1980s. You will never forget it.

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    Making a request at the DJ booth

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    The near-seizure inducing light effects

    Photo: LaBarr Meadows Roller Rink
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    The distinct smell combination of hot-dog-pizza-french-fries from the concession stand

    Photo: Skate Center West, Nashville
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    Butterflies in your stomach during "Couples Only Slow Skate"

    Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY
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